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In The Southeast, Where Big Utilities Rule, Calls For A Real Power Market Persist

EI’s Eric Gimon explains that establishing a competitive wholesale power market in the southeast would save people money, create jobs, and cut carbon pollution.

Green Hydrogen Or Dirty Fuel? Treasury Department Rules On 45V Tax Credit Will Determine Industry’s Future

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains that guidance on a tax credit for hydrogen will determine whether it actually increases greenhouse gas pollution or is a useful tool to combat climate change.

Despite Push For Renewable Electricity, Coal Habit Proves Hard To Break

EI’s Michelle Solomon explains there are a lot of barriers in the switch from coal to renewables, including who bears the cost of closing functioning coal plants early.

The Race To Net Zero: Will EVs Get Us There Fast Enough?

EI’s Sara Baldwin explains the barriers that need to be overcome to speed EV adoption fast enough to align with our climate goals.

U.S. aims for electric-car revolution — will it work?

EI’s Robbie Orvis says new EPA tailpipe emission rules create a much stronger investment climate for electric vehicle manufacturers in the U.S.

Buy an electric vehicle now or wait? Here’s how to decide.

EI’s Sara Baldwin discusses how consumers can use federal electric vehicle tax credits to purchase a new car that saves money and cleans the air.

3 in 4 vehicles could be electric by 2050 if certain states follow California gasoline vehicle ban

EVs could make up 75% of US vehicles by 2050 if 16 states adopt California’s Advanced Clean Cars II rule.

Inflation Reduction Act Is Good Start, But More Federal And State Actions Needed

EI’s Sara Baldwin writes the IRA is a good start on transportation electrification, but more federal and state action is needed to accelerate EV sales.

Scientists Called For A 60% Carbon Cut. The U.S. Is Years Away

EI’s Robbie Orvis explains the capital stick turnover phenomenon– that things like furnaces and boilers have long lifespans– is a key challenge to overcome to hit our climate targets.

Arizona Still Gets A Huge Amount Of Power From Burning Coal. How Soon Could That Change?

EI’s Mike O’Boyle explains the changing economics of coal and renewable energy means utilities need to reexamine their electricity generation mixes with updated cost assumptions.

Study: Sourcing Electricity From Coal-Fired Power Plants Is More Expensive Than Replacing With Solar

EI’s Michelle Solomon explains coal plants are nearly always far more costly to run than replacing them with wind and solar.

99 Percent Of Coal Plants Are More Expensive Than Renewables. A Coal-To-Clean Transition Is Worth $589 Billion, Mostly In Red States

EI’s Eric Gimon explains the job creation and economic opportunities that would come from replacing uneconomic coal plants with wind and solar would largely accrue in red states.

Fact-Checking Three Claims About The GOP Oil Bill And White House Response

After leaving the White House, where she played a key role in passing the Inflation Reduction Act, Sonia Aggarwal is returning to Energy Innovation as the organization’s new CEO.

When Denver Temperatures Plunged Below Zero, My Heat Pump Kept My Home At 70

EI’s Dan Esposito explains myths about heat pumps not working in extreme cold are unfounded, as his heat pump kept his Denver-area home warm when temperatures plunged to -15, without any natural gas backup.

Renewables Projected To Soon Be One-Fourth Of Electricity Generation. Really Soon

EI’s Eric Gimon explains Energy Information Administration forecasts showing significant upticks in renewables really matters given how conservative the organization has typically been.

2023 Predictions: IRA Spurs Clean Energy Boom, Electric Trucks Accelerate, Battery Demand Surges, EPA Cuts Power Sector Pollution

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains 2022 was an enormously encouraging year in the fight against climate change, and it laid the groundwork for even greater progress in 2023.

Crossing The Emissions Gap Between Inflation Reduction Act And NDC Is Worth 4 Million Jobs

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains the Inflation Reduction Act still doesn’t cut emissions enough to meet U.S. climate goals, but more ambitious policy to close the gap would be a massive job creator.

Hydrogen Production Guidelines Prompt Fierce Debate

EI’s Dan Esposito explains hydrogen production can actually increase greenhouse gas emissions if it’s pulling clean energy from the electric grid rather than from new clean energy projects.

Full Industrial Electrification Could More Than Double U.S. Power Demand. Here’s How Renewables Can Meet It

EI’s Eric Gimon explains the falling cost of renewables and technological advancement mean we can electrify industrial processes while making the grid more reliable.

How Dueling PDFs Explain A Fight Over The Future Of The Grid

EI’s Eric Gimon explains encouraging competition makes sense as we look to modernize the electric grid and save consumers money.