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What’s Driving Up The Cost Of Electricity? Group Says It’s Not Renewables

EI analysis finds that a heavy reliance on fossil fuels is responsible for driving up electricity prices across the United States.

What Trump And Biden Really Mean When They Fight About Electric Vehicles

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal weighs in on the auto industry in the United States, and America’s perception on electric vehicles.

Hot Rocks In Box: The Rise Of Thermal Batteries – Ep168: Anand Gopal

EI’s Anand Gopal joins the podcast to discuss the potential for thermal batteries to decarbonize industry by providing reliable heat on-demand.

Naperville, St. Charles, Winnetka And Dozens Of Other Communities Urged To Double Down On Coal

EI’s Eric Gimon weighs in on the decision of many Illinois towns and cities to remain under contract with the coal-fired power plant, Prairie State Generating Station until 2035.

The Vibes Lie: Electric Vehicles Accelerate Toward 50% Of Global Sales

Don’t believe the media hype: New data shows global EV sales are on track to hit 50% of total vehicle sales by 2035.

[Episode #224] – U.S. Hydrogen Tax Credits

EI’s Eric Gimon rejoins the Energy Transition Show podcast to discuss the proposed final rules of the 45V clean hydrogen tax credit.

Home EV Chargers Are Hot Commodities In Denver

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains that charging your electric vehicle (EV) overnight can save you money.

Hydrogen Could Clean Up Iron, Steel, And Chemicals – If It’s Truly Clean

EI’s Dan Esposito and Nik Sawe explain how clean hydrogen could be the solution to some of industry’s biggest emissions challenges, but only if judiciously produced and used. If not, it could delay or reverse progress on cleaning our economy.

New Rules Will Slash Air, Water And Climate Pollution From U.S. Power Plants

Recent EI research finds that utilities can reliably meet surging energy demand without new gas generation.

Rising Electricity Demand Requires New Gas Plants? Not So Fast.

Utilities have alternative options to addressing rising energy demand, and EI’s Michelle Solomon and Eric Gimon explain why building gas plants is not the best solution for long-term demand growth.

Is It Time To Retire The Term “Clean Energy”?

EI’s Eric Gimon explains that “clean energy” can be useful for drawing a contrast between carbon-free energy sources and energy generated from fossil fuels, but that this term does have limits.

‘Panicked Rush To Gas’ Could Hike Energy Costs, Report Warns Regulators

New research by EI’s Eric Gimon and Mike O’Boyle, finds that utilities can meet the increasing electricity demand without relying on the construction of new natural gas plants.

Zero-Carbon Industry: Transformative Technologies And Policies To Achieve Sustainable Prosperity – With Jeffrey Rissman

EI’s Jeff Rissman offers actionable insights on how we can revamp the industrial world’s heaviest emitters using cutting edge technologies and intelligent policies in his recent book, Zero Carbon Industry.

How Thermal Batteries Are Heating Up Energy Storage

EI’s Jeff Rissman discusses how thermal batteries are changing the grid and climate policy by cutting industrial emissions.

2024 Could Be The Year For American Lithium

EI’s Jack Conness discusses how a booming U.S. demand for lithium could spur the development of a domestic supply chain to fuel clean energy economic growth and boost national security.

Regulators: Don’t Panic And Rush To Gas Amid Cries We’re Out Of Power

EI’s Mike O’Boyle and Eric Gimon suggest that regulators consider building renewables closer to where demand is generated and increasing storage, rather than rushing to gas.

More Demand, More Gas: Inside The Southeast’s Dirty Power Push

EI’s Mike O’Boyle explains that utilities should prioritize flexible, low-regret investments to avoid costly and potentially stranded assets.

The U.S. Urgently Needs A Bigger Grid. Here’s A Fast Solution.

EI research finds that advanced reconductoring are the faster and cheaper solution to building a reliable and updated utilities grid.

Not Everyone In The Hydrogen Business Wants To See Weaker Rules For Federal Tax Credits

EI’s Dan Esposito explains that without the right rules, hydrogen could make greenhouse gas emissions worse due to the 45V tax credit.

Efficiency, Clean Energy Are Options For Meeting Demand Growth Before Gas Generation: Energy Innovation

New research by EI urges regulators to consider two alternate approaches for meeting increasing demand: prioritizing energy efficiency to slow the growth and elevating resource and market solutions.