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U.S. Is On Track To Halve Emissions By 2035, But This Still Isn’t Enough

EI’s Robbie Orvis weighs in on the increasing number of requests for wind and solar projects to connect to the grid.

Steam Made By Heat Pumps Can Help Clean Up Industry And Manufacturing

EI’s Jeff Rissman weighs in on the potential for growth in the heat-pump market, which has been frequently overlooked.

Shocking Chart Reveals A Dramatic Change That Could Affect Americans’ Power Bills: ‘[It’s] Unequivocally More Expensive’

EI’s Michelle Solomon provides insight into the new model that shows how expensive coal is compared to solar and wind alternatives.

The Climate 202: How Hydrogen Subsidies Could Cause A ‘Doom Loop’ For The Climate

EI’s Eric Gimon explains the “three pillars” that green groups are advocating for to define what constitutes as green hydrogen under climate law.

What Does The U.S. Debt Ceiling Deal Mean For Clean Energy? | Podcast

EI’s Robbie Orvis joins the podcast to discuss the debt ceiling, health implications of the Canada wildfires, and to provide insight into the recent legislation being passed to draft new energy regulations.

A Clean And Profitable Era Dawns For Rural Electric Cooperatives

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal discusses how the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) enables investments into reliable and affordable rural power.

In The Legislature, Renewable Energy Supporters Defeated Fossil Fuel Supporters

David Wallace-Wells highlights the benefits that clean energy brings to red, blue & purple states, including billions in added GDP & massive job creation.

Florida Faces Stark Choice: Reap Billions From Clean Energy Or Pay Billions In Climate impacts

EI’s Rachel Goldstein discusses how Florida has the potential to gain billions of dollars if the state embraces Inflation Reduction Act clean electricity and vehicle incentives.

EVs: Win-Win For The Environment And Drivers’ Wallets

EI’s research shows why more states are adopting clean car standards and why consumers are saving money when purchasing an electric vehicle.

States Test An Unusual Idea: Tying Electric Utilities’ Profit To Performance

EI’s Mike O’Boyle discusses how performance-based regulation can maximize the outcomes of state policy goals.

Why Section 45X Is A ‘Game Changer’ For U.S. EV Battery Supply Chain

EI’s Sara Baldwin discusses how the Inflation Reduction Act and CHIPS Act signal to the market that the U.S. is interested on shoring their manufacturing and supply chain.

‘Climate Whiplash’ Is The New Normal For California, Experts Say

EI’s Sarah Spengeman explains how recent swings in extreme weather in California are likely to become the new normal as precipitation patterns are altered by rising temperatures.

Republican Lawmakers Are Making It Harder For Power Companies To Pivot Away From Coal. Their Constituents May Be Paying he Price

EI’s Michael O’Boyle explains U.S. coal plants are now almost universally uneconomic and there’s little policymakers can do to change that.

In The Southeast, Where Big Utilities Rule, Calls For A Real Power Market Persist

EI’s Eric Gimon explains that establishing a competitive wholesale power market in the southeast would save people money, create jobs, and cut carbon pollution.

Green Hydrogen Or Dirty Fuel? Treasury Department Rules On 45V Tax Credit Will Determine Industry’s Future

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains that guidance on a tax credit for hydrogen will determine whether it actually increases greenhouse gas pollution or is a useful tool to combat climate change.

Despite Push For Renewable Electricity, Coal Habit Proves Hard To Break

EI’s Michelle Solomon explains there are a lot of barriers in the switch from coal to renewables, including who bears the cost of closing functioning coal plants early.

The Race To Net Zero: Will EVs Get Us There Fast Enough?

EI’s Sara Baldwin explains the barriers that need to be overcome to speed EV adoption fast enough to align with our climate goals.

U.S. aims for electric-car revolution — will it work?

EI’s Robbie Orvis says new EPA tailpipe emission rules create a much stronger investment climate for electric vehicle manufacturers in the U.S.

Buy an electric vehicle now or wait? Here’s how to decide.

EI’s Sara Baldwin discusses how consumers can use federal electric vehicle tax credits to purchase a new car that saves money and cleans the air.

3 in 4 vehicles could be electric by 2050 if certain states follow California gasoline vehicle ban

EVs could make up 75% of US vehicles by 2050 if 16 states adopt California’s Advanced Clean Cars II rule.