About Us

Energy Innovation Policy & Technology LLC® is a non-partisan energy and climate policy think tank. We provide customized research and policy analysis to decision-makers and thought leaders to support policy design that reduces emissions at the speed and scale required for a safe climate future.

Our work is based on scientific assessments of climate change. Our technology-neutral policy recommendations are grounded in data, driven by our open-source and peer-reviewed Energy Policy Simulator model and our climate policy book, Designing Climate Solutions. Our research is accessible under the CC BY license. Users are free to copy, distribute, transform, and build upon the material as long as they credit Energy Innovation® for the original creation and indicate if changes were made.

Mission and Method

Trillions are spent every year to meet global energy demand, with much of it landing on fossil fuel resources that accelerate the climate crisis. We focus our efforts on reversing this trend in the largest-emitting countries and the largest energy-related sectors, providing practical, powerful decarbonization.

Our Energy Policy Simulator underpins this work through timely and credentialed analysis of the economic, emissions, and public health impacts of different policies.

Our current project list includes:

  1. Modeling the emissions and economic impacts of various energy and climate policies in the world’s biggest economies
  2. Helping utilities transition away from fossil fuels and integrate larger shares of renewable energy into the electricity grid
  3. Supporting an early peak, then rapid decline, in China’s carbon emissions through clean energy policy and sustainable urbanization
  4. Strengthening California’s climate policies and the state’s cap-and-trade program
  5. Reducing industrial sector emissions through clean energy, electrification, and improved manufacturing processes
  6. Expanding transportation and building electrification to reduce fossil fuel use

Why We Work

Time is of the essence – we have less than a decade to avoid locking in dangerous climate change: Every year that passes narrows our options. Energy Innovation prioritizes the decisions, energy sectors, and countries where policy solutions can have an outsized impact. The details of policy design determine which decisions will reduce emissions quickly and which will not. We focus on what matters and what works in the most important venues to confront climate change.

Costs of Delay on climate change

CO2 concentration, temperature, and sea level continue to rise long after
emissions are reduced