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New Study Finds Offshore Wind Could Provide 25% Of U.S. Electricity Needs By 2050

EI’s recent 2035 Offshore Wind and Beyond report found that offshore wind could provide 10-25 percent of America’s total electricity generation.

Offshore Wind’s Split-Screen Effect

New research from EI finds that the U.S. needs to expand opportunities in offshore wind production if they want a secure and decarbonized grid.

How Offshore Wind Can Supply 25% Of U.S. Electricity By 2050

EI’s Mike O’Boyle discusses how American offshore wind potential is being slowed by inefficient political leadership rather than technical inability.

Editorial: New Energy Rule Will Expedite The Transition Away From Fossil Fuels

EI research found that the IRA drove $250 billion of investment since it was passed, spurring growth in the clean energy sector.

It’s Time For The U.S. To Chart A New Path For Offshore Wind

EI’s Michelle Solomon discusses the potential for offshore wind to surpass the amount of energy produced by coal fire-plants, add 390,000 clean energy jobs, and keep the U.S. on track to achieve their climate goals.

Opinion: Wind Farms Off California’s Coast Should Be The Future Of The State’s Clean Energy Grid.

EI’s Michelle Solomon discusses why California should use offshore wind farms to fight climate change, bolster the electric grid and strengthen their economy

Offshore Wind Can Meet Quarter of U.S. Power Demand

EI’s Mike O’Boyle discusses how the U.S. can reach its net-zero goals by increasing offshore wind and speeding up the roll out of onshore wind and solar facilities.

FERC Takes A Big Step To Get More Clean Energy On The Grid

In order for the U.S. to meet the zero-carbon power grid targets, they must capitalize on IRA incentives to increase transmission buildout

Conservatives Have Already Written A Climate Plan For Trump’s Second Term

EI’s Mike O’Boyle warns that if America continues to limit the role of the federal government and prevents the expansion of the electric grid, the economy and climate goals will be harmed.

‘Vicious Cycle’: Heat Waves Ramp Up Global Burning Of Fossil Fuels

EI’s Robbie Orvis emphasizes the importance of speeding up clean energy in order to address extreme weather events and consumer demand.

Denver Offering Rebates On Heat Pump Cooling Systems

EI’s Dan Esposito discusses the cooling heat pump he had installed through the help of clean energy rebates.

‘Battle Plan’: How The Far Right Would Dismantle Climate Programs

EI’s Mike O’Boyle discusses how dismantling climate programs could threaten the United States’s climate goals and hurt the economy.

In An Ominous Sign For COP28, G20 Nations Once Again Failed To Reach A Deal To Phase Down Fossil Fuels

EI’s Anand Gopal is asked to weigh in on the renewable energy deadlock from the recent G20 summit and what it could mean ahead of COP28.

Enhanced Geothermal Could Be A Missing Piece Of America’s Climate Puzzle

EI’s Silvio Marcacci discusses the potential future of geothermal energy in the United States and evaluates the recent 30-day test period on Fervo Energy’s Project Red.

It’s Time To Rethink Grid Reliability

EI’s Michelle Solomon discusses the importance of valuing resource impact to build and maintain a reliable grid.

Tesla Q2 Storage Deployments Increase 222% As Company Navigates ‘Fractured Regulatory Environment’.

EI’s Anand Gopal is asked to weigh in on the decline in Tesla’s solar deployments, despite a 222% increase in energy storage.

Can Biden Achieve His Cornerstone Climate Goal? Why 100% Clean Power Is Still Out Of Reach

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal discusses how traditional wind and solar electricity will remain the backbone of the clean power transition.

Thermal Batteries Could Cut U.S Industrial Heating Power Costs In Half

EI’s Jeffrey Rissman discusses industrial thermal batteries, a new clean technology that may be the solution to cutting industrial greenhouse gas emissions and reducing industrial power costs.

Federal Policies Are Fueling An American Clean Energy Jobs And Investment Boom

EI’s Silvio Marcacci discusses how clean energy investments create new jobs and investment opportunities across the country.

Batteries And Renewables Are Saving Texas During The Heat Wave

EI’s Anand Gopal discusses the low-cost wind, solar and batteries that have kept the Texas grid afloat.