Trending Topics in Electricity Today – New Opportunities for Utilities

In this month’s “Trending Topics” piece, the experts of America’s Power Plan discuss new opportunities for electric utilities to drive development of distributed energy resources and increase the availability of customer investment opportunities in distributed generation and efficiency.


Energy Innovation Trains Delegation from Wuhan, China

On October 30th, Energy Innovation, in partnership with The Energy Foundation and Calthorpe Associates, had the opportunity to host approximately two dozen government officials from Wuhan (one of the largest cities in central China) for a training program on innovative energy policies and urban planning best practices that help to address the city’s environmental issues.


Research backs The 8 Principles of low-carbon urbanization

More than one million people move to cities every week, so the shape of urban areas and their transportation networks carry huge consequences for global energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Will these growing cities be sprawling or compact? Will residents rely on cars or alternatives to private vehicles?


Video: Hal Harvey Presents on Top Energy Policy Principles

On October 6th, Energy Innovation CEO Hal Harvey gave a presentation on energy policy at the Oxford Martin School. The presentation, “How to design policies that can save the planet,” discusses the differences between good and bad policy, delving into detail about the ways to design and implement policy that is feasible, effective, and affordable.


Cities Step Up in Fight Against Climate Change

The effects of a variety of climate actions taken on a smaller scale can be combined to produce powerful results, and can often be implemented quickly and at a relatively low cost. While feelings about a global climate strategy remain mixed, there has been growing optimism and enthusiasm for city- and state- level action to solve climate change.


NYC’s Clean Energy Programs Take Center Stage

As Climate Week 2014 draws near, all eyes are on New York City (NYC), the host of this year’s events. And given the recent release of New York’s progressive draft State Energy Plan, “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV), it is perhaps the most appropriate place to hold such discussions about how to create and implement low-carbon solutions. The REV’s goals to modernize the state’s utility regulatory structure, promote a cleaner and more resilient grid, and control rising customer costs, have set New York on course to become a national leader in clean energy policy.


Hal Presents on China’s Climate Change Mitigation Strategy

Earlier this summer, Energy Innovation CEO Hal Harvey gave a presentation at the Equilibrium Capital Forum, an annual conference that brings together influential figures to discuss investment opportunities in clean energy, green real estate, and natural resource management.


Natural Gas: Not Clean Enough

This post is a synopsis of Energy Innovation’s non-technical issue brief describing the research and findings from its latest study, “Natural Gas versus Coal: Is Natural Gas Batter for the Climate?,” which has been published in Electricity Journal.

Volume 9 image2

Ask the Experts of America’s Power Plan: Volume 9

This is the next edition in a monthly series of short answers to some of the questions we’re hearing from public utilities commissions, market operators, utilities, legislators, and other energy decision-makers. This month’s Q&A discusses the role of energy storage in handling more renewables on the grid, and the reliability concerns associated with replacing retiring coal plants with renewables.


Mapping Program Pinpoints Natural Gas Leaks in Cities

These terrific interactive methane maps were created through a collaborative effort by the Environmental Defense Fund and Google Earth Outreach. These maps shows the all-too numerous methane leaks in our urban local natural gas distribution pipes. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, 120 times stronger than carbon dioxide when first released, and is the primary […]