EV Fill Up Savings

With a significant uptake in electric vehicles (EVs) hitting the road, drivers will need to learn a new skill: determining how much it costs to fill up their EV. Unlike gasoline prices that are clearly displayed on roads nationwide, most people don’t know the cost of electricity in their state or city, let alone what a kilowatt hour is. Most EV fill up calculators require users to enter this information or enter the battery size of their vehicle. Additionally, gas-powered vehicles average over 400 miles on one fill up, while average EV range hit 291 miles last year. Comparing the cost to fill up a gas-powered vehicle to an electric vehicle isn’t an apple-to-apples comparison. The EV Fill Up Tool is designed to remove these barriers for a driver (or potential driver) of an EV.  The tool knows the average gasoline and electricity prices in a selected state. It also knows a vehicle’s average range on a fully charged battery or tank of gas. It will give the user a true comparison of what it costs to fill up a gas-powered vehicle when compared to EV alternatives.