Jack Conness

Policy Analyst

6Jack Conness is a Policy Analyst at Energy Innovation focused on the Electrification Program. He conducts and supports policy research and analysis, interprets results, develops recommendations, and presents findings to decision-makers, with the goal of advancing strong electrification policies in the U.S. and internationally as a core pathway to decarbonize the economy.

Jack’s professional career started in the Major League Baseball industry, where he worked for four years as a research analyst at the Boras Corporation. With the impacts of climate change too important to ignore, Jack decided to leave the baseball world for the climate industry.

Over the past two years, Jack has held several roles in his career transition. He spent a year at Sustainable Capital Advisors, helping its team and green bank clients deploy rooftop solar in low- and moderate-income communities. He also worked on medium- and heavy-duty vehicle electrification in California. Jack then spent five months at the U.S. Climate Alliance and worked with its team on building a state climate policy database. Most recently, Jack worked at the University of Washington as a transportation electrification analyst. In this role, he helped manage the build-out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for the university’s 700-vehicle fleet and created the department’s first-ever sustainability report.

Jack also created the IRA + CHIPS Dashboard, which tracks clean energy manufacturing announcements since the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act and the CHIPS and Science Act in August 2022. This work has been featured and cited in the Washington Post, Reuters, Mother Jones, and a variety of climate publications and newsletters.

Originally from Rockford, Illinois, Jack spent time in Milwaukee and Southern California before settling in Seattle. He currently enjoys all that nature has to offer in the Pacific Northwest. With an undergraduate degree in finance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Jack is finalizing his Master of Public Administration degree with an emphasis in environmental policy at the University of Washington.

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