Clean Industry In China: A Techno-Economic Comparison Of Electrified Heat Technologies, Barriers, And Policy Options

China’s industrial sector is one of the world’s largest sources of climate pollution– it emits 61 percent of the country’s greenhouse gases. Nearly 75 percent of those industrial emissions come from industrial process heating, i.e: generating heat for manufacturing. Widely deploying two market-ready technologies– industrial heat pumps and thermal batteries– can economically meet at least two-thirds of China’s demand for industrial heating. Growing these technologies at speed and scale will allow the country to electrify much of its industry at the same time China is adding staggering amounts of renewables, meaning as the country cleans its grid and electrifies its industry, it can dramatically cut emissions. Additionally, the superior efficiencies of heat pumps and thermal batteries mean this transition can save money, as both technologies are cheaper than natural gas

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