Insight Brief: Clean hydrogen for the electric system

Clean electrolytic hydrogen has emerged as an option to help decarbonize electric power generation. While this is a nascent approach and industry, its decarbonization potential has garnered a rush of U.S. policy support. Electric utilities will play a key role in managing increased electricity loads if electrolytic hydrogen production scales up as forecasted. Although few electric utilities may yet be grappling with nuances of electrolytic load growth– or have a near-term need for the long-duration energy storage services that hydrogen can offer– now is the time to begin examining the topic and setting up a glide path for anticipated deployment in the 2030’s. To clarify the hydrogen opportunity relative to U.S. electricity system decarbonization, Smart Electric Power Alliance and Energy Innovation collaborated to produce this Insight Brief: Clean Hydrogen for the Electric System. The brief explores hydrogen and its implications for electric utilities, grid operators, policymakers and technology providers.

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