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7 Opportunities for Green Buildings in China, According to Developers

China’s low-carbon future depends on green buildings. With nearly 2 billion square meters of new floor space added each year, China’s building sector offers tremendous opportunities for the country to move toward a cleaner economy.

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Capping California's emissions at 40% below 1990 levels will renew its climate leadership

Energy Innovation’s new report on California climate policy argues the state should adopt an ambitious 2030 target to reduce statewide greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below their 1990 level. This strong yet achievable goal will help the state maintain its clean energy leadership.

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An Adaptive Approach to Promote System Optimization

This paper, a submission for the Solar Electric Power Association's (SEPA) 51st State Challenge, synthesizes current thinking on system optimization by returning to first principles of rate design and market structure.

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New Balance of Power

The United States is overtaking the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries as the vital global swing producer that determines prices. That remarkable change has been building since 2008, as American shale fields accounted for roughly half of the world’s oil production growth while American petroleum output nearly doubled. And shale production methods have proven highly adaptable to market conditions.

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