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Skin in the Game: New Case Studies Illuminate Best Practices for DER Ownership and Operation

A new report from America’s Power Plan investigates the question, “who should own and operate distributed energy resources?” It turns out there there are many options for who can own and operate DERs—and any of them can work, as long as the revenue streams are designed or adjusted appropriately.

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Energy Policy Solutions Helps Policymakers Cut Pollution and Save Money

Many policymakers understand the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but they face a bewildering variety of policy options that may—or may not—help achieve this goal. There has never been an objective way to assess the impacts of energy policy and how numerous policies can work together. On October 20, Energy Innovation launched Energy Policy Solutions, a tool that does just this.

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Moving California Forward - Full Report

California can accomplish its goal of reducing carbon emissions 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 with proper attention to Smart Growth. By emphasizing better land use patterns, and supporting better transit and more walkable neighborhoods, carbon reductions of this magnitude are not just technically feasible, but would also save billions of dollars on infrastructure, fuel, and health costs while empowering economic growth and helping counter income inequality.

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Regulated Utilities Are Spending Billions, But Why?

Investor-owned utilities spent more than $98 billion last year, while electricity demand was essentially flat. So why are utilities spending so much money? And who is giving them the money to spend? In addition, why is that only “regulated utilities” are spending money?

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