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Why utilities should push for performance-based regulation

In the past, consistent load growth meant steady capital expenditures and stable returns on equity for utility shareholders. But today, the trends traditionally driving consistent load growth are being disrupted by rooftop solar, energy efficiency, and changing consumer preferences.

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Top Ten Principles for Clean Air in China

The Paulson Institute, the Energy Foundation China and Energy Innovation LLC, along with several Chinese experts and groups, held the Restoring Blue Skies Air Quality Workshop, which discussed the most promising efforts that China could take to solve its air pollution problems.

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Restoring Blue Skies: Key Insights from 2014 Air Quality Workshop

This document represents key insights developed at the Restoring Blue Skies Air Quality Workshop held in Beijing on September 17-18, 2014 co-organized by the Paulson Institute, Energy Foundation, Energy Innovation and Chinese partners. Participants included 80 leaders from 42 Chinese and international organizations.

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Transportation, Buildings Hold Key to Calif. Climate Goals

California has adopted a new climate target that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, partly by expanding the use of renewables. But the expansion of clean energy in California isn’t meaningful without an emphasis on the energy efficiency of buildings, electrifying vehicles across the transportation system, and optimizing the power grid to handle renewables.

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