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America's Utility Of The Future Takes Shape In Illinois, Ohio, And Minnesota

The old utility business model is cracking as competitive energy technologies displace increasing parts of the utility service, taking some of the revenues that go with it. In response, multiple states are investigating models for a “utility of the future” to establish a reliable, resilient, affordable and clean electric grid.

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Trending Topics - How a Cold March Day in Texas Exposed the Value of Flexibility, and What Markets Can Learn

As the need for flexible resources grows, there will be an increasing number of "bellwether events." Resource developers are likely to respond by building new resources that can capture this value on the spot market and through bilateral contracts with utilities. However, not all markets are structured to reward flexibility in the same way as in energy-only markets.

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Recalibrating California's Cap-and-Trade Program To Account For Oversupply

For the first time last year, a portion of the current vintage allowances offered in one of the California-Quebec cap-and-trade program’s quarterly auctions went unsold. This report provides a quantitative analysis of the supply and demand for carbon allowances in the linked California-Quebec cap-and-trade program to help discern the role that temporary or systemic oversupply may be playing.

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FEATURE – Carbon Climax: Crusade to extend California cap-and-trade coming to a head

Anxiety is building over whether California will be able to extend its cap-and-trade scheme beyond 2020, with observers warning that failure could severely dent efforts across North America to use markets to fight climate change.

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