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What impact do "built environments" have on wellbeing?

The communities in which we live strongly shape (and are shaped by) our wellbeing. Over time, changing preferences and norms influence the types of built environments we create for ourselves. Given trends and conditions in many of today's societies, this means transitioning away from the sprawling, car-dependent suburbs, and toward the dense, walkable city.

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Trending Topics - Utilities in the Information Age: Moving from Construction to Optimization

Distributed energy resources (DER) and better system awareness made possible by information technology have created massive new opportunities for utilities to minimize costs while optimizing the grid system around reliable, safe, and clean service.

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Climate: How To Win

The climate problem is enormous: It threatens much of modern civilization, and its principal source, in burning hydrocarbons, is embedded in most of the modern economy. But a handful of insights, grounded in careful math, can clarify the situation, and point out a straightforward path to a reasonable climate future. This paper cuts through the clutter, and points to a reasonable, cost-effective solution to climate change, with clear steps to get there.

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For grid flexibility, utilities pushed to think beyond gas plants and storage

When utilities and grid operators think about power system flexibility — the ability of the grid to respond to sudden changes in supply and demand — two technologies typically get the most attention; fast-ramping natural gas and battery storage. However, there are a number of cheaper options for grid flexibility that stakeholders would do well to explore.

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