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How Sustainable Cities Can Drive Business Growth

The notion of sustainable cities usually conjures environmental themes, but sustainable urban design’s greatest impact could be on economic performance. By creating improved quality of life conditions for residents, sustainable cities simultaneously lay the foundation for wide-ranging economic benefits.

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Why Walkability is Critical to Urban Sustainability in China

From massive superblocks to seemingly infinite series of ring roads, Chinese cities have increasingly been designed to serve cars. The trend is leaving its mark: congestion clogs streets and smog spews from ubiquitous cars, putting urbanites in an all too literal chokehold. One of the things falling apart, in the wake of this gasoline gyre, is something far less conspicuous than car culture, yet critical to China’s future: walkability.

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Policies That Work

Even the most well-intentioned energy policies will not meet their desired goals if they aren’t designed and implemented correctly. A handful of design principles, when properly applied, make for highly effective policies. This paper, an update from the original "Policies That Work" report, describes how to determine the right goals, choose the right policy approaches, and design and implement the specific policies to meet these goals.

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New Urbanization Guidelines For China’s Cities

A new set of guidelines titled “Green and Smart Urban Development Guidelines” have been published through a collaborative effort by the China Development Bank Capital, the biggest source of urbanization funding in China, Energy Innovation, a San Francisco based green solutions consultant, and Energy Foundation China, a grantmaking charity organization.

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