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Estimating Energy Efficiency Under EPA’s Carbon Rule Is Complicated

As states begin thinking about how they will comply with the EPA's Clean Power Plan, energy efficiency should receive considerable attention as one of the most effective options.

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Energy Innovation Responds to California Building Codes Study

Energy Innovation sent the following response to Dr. Arik Levinson, detailing our feedback on his analysis of California’s energy savings from building codes. The take-away is that Dr. Levinson’s analysis is incomplete and therefore inconclusive.

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Power Systems of the Future

This report, written for the Major Economies Forum, describes the power sector transformation underway across the globe. The transformation will undoubtedly look different around the world, but this paper posits five potential pathways to a dramatically-improved power system. Policymakers can use these pathways to proactively guide the sector’s transformation. A 2-page report summary can be found here.

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Eye on China: walkable cities (interview; pt 2)

Energy Innovation's Policy Analyst CC Huang speaks with Natalie Tso from TRI's Eye on China series about how walkability and other features improve quality-of-life in cities.

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