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California’s power to trump climate denial

Days before Donald Trump becomes president, fear is running high that climate denial in the White House will accelerate global warming. At this pivotal moment, when the world is committed to fighting climate change through the breakthrough U.N.’s Paris Agreement, California can trump climate denial by pushing forward faster than ever.

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Trending Topics - Was 2016 the Year for Wholesale Power Market Reform?

Back in January, I suggested 2016 was the year for wholesale power market reform. So, was it? OK, of course shifts in these kinds of institutions take longer than one year, but 2016 has seen real progress and there’s a good chance it will continue in 2017 and beyond. The electricity mix continues to churn. During this period of transition, it is particularly important for policymakers to pay close attention to proposed changes in wholesale power markets.

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Marrakech: How to Win

Paris marked an unprecedented political commitment to reduce the threat of climate change. Marrakesh is the moment to move from what we must do to how we will do it. This collection of resources includes reports on how to design and implement policies to meet the world’s climate goals, as well as design guides for four of the world’s top energy policies: 1) carbon pricing, 2) vehicle performance standards, 3) vehicle and fuel fees and feebates, and 4) urban mobility policies. More of these policy-specific guides are coming soon.

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California Mobilizes for War Against Trump

California, the world's sixth-largest economy and a bastion of progressivism, is now being hailed as a kind of great blue firewall—Democrats' most important bulwark against the retrograde policies of Donald Trump. Here's what the Golden State is already doing to counter the president-elect on a range of major issues and defend its progressive achievements.

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