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The Cheapest, Cleanest Way to Meet Electricity Demand

Demand response technologies, which range from smart thermostats and water heaters in homes to sophisticated industrial systems, aren't discussed as often as renewables or conventional fossil fuel technology, but they will be critical for the future of our electricity system.

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Repost: Bloomberg Philanthropies and Partners Launch New Clean Energy Initiative

The initiative will provide $48 million in grant funding to a broad range of stakeholders that will accelerate the transition of the U.S. power fleet, aiming to limit carbon pollution from power plants as well as spur investment in clean energy technologies.

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Cities for People in Practice

This report profiles three communities (Hammarby in Stockholm, Sweden; Vauban in Freiburg, Germany; and Liuyun Xiaoqu in Guangzhou, China) that encompass characteristics of smart urban form and transportation systems. It highlights the environmental, economic, and social benefits that these communities gain by following The 8 Principles of good urban design.

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Natural Gas: Abundance in Supply and Debate

Natural gas is the Rorschach test of energy policy. Depending on one’s point of view, it can be either an essential tool for meeting the challenge of climate change or another dirty fossil fuel that will speed the planet down the path to calamitous warming.

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