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California Considers A Ban On Gasoline And Diesel Car Sales. Can It Work?

EI's Chris Busch explores if California's potential ban on internal combustion engines could work, and what policies could help it succeed.

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Trending Topics – Emerging Lessons on Performance-Based Regulation From the United Kingdom

Many states are considering a utility regulatory structure to incent efficient fleet turnover, incorporate clean energy and cost-effective technologies, and stimulate smarter build-or-buy decisions. APP's Sonia Aggarwal says the UK's effort to combine utility operating and capital expenses into a capped revenue bucket shows promising early results.

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A Roadmap For Finding Flexibility In Wholesale Markets

America's electricity market operators are increasingly looking for ways to make their systems more flexible as more renewables, flexible demand resources, and energy storage come online. This report outlines which types of flexibility are needed for grid reliability, offers advice on how markets can ensure sufficient flexibility, and will help identify ways to manage the grid with a rapidly evolving mix of resources.

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Looking Beyond DOE’s NOPR, A Case For Grid Flexibility Alongside Reliability

EI's recent grid flexibility report is featured in an article discussing alternatives to DOE's notice of proposed rulemaking in ensuring grid reliability.

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