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What California's Ambitious Climate Bills Mean for Policy

It is highly likely that California's cap-and-trade program post-2020 will be enabled under the state's new SB-32 and AB-197 bills, as it is a necessary part of a policy package maximizing net social benefits. However, policymakers will have to make some adjustments to cap-and-trade program design regarding, for example, new limits on out-of-state offsets and how allowances are to be allocated post-2020.

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21st Heinz Awards Honor Climate Change Visionary Hal Harvey for Strategic Leadership in Energy Policy and Innovation

The Heinz Family Foundation today named Hal Harvey the recipient of the prestigious 21st Heinz Award in the Environment category. Harvey’s work in the United States, China and beyond presents results-driven solutions to dramatically reduce carbon emissions and energy waste.

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Planeación Urbana Sustenable Para la Ciudad de Mexico

Urban Sustainability Planning for Mexico City offers recommendations for the City’s new Urban Development General Plan. Energy Innovation joined the government of Mexico City, colleagues from the Mario Molina Center for Energy and the Environment, and other Mexico City-based experts for this project, which draws on the framework developed in 12 Green Guidelines.

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Q&A: A slow shift toward rewarding utilities for performance

Sonia Aggarwal, Director of Strategy at Energy Innovation who leads the firm's work on transformation of the energy sector and energy policy solutions, recently shared some of her thoughts on performance-based utility regulation with Midwest Energy News.

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