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Letter: Whether 'tis nobler in the lungs to suffer

If we're going to allude to Shakespeare in the debate over a carbon tax, let's bring out the iambic pentameter. Our July 18 op-ed on the carbon tax ("To tax or not to tax") continues to draw reader response, including this treatment from Jeffrey Rissman, who notes that "Hamlet was the Prince of Denmark, and Denmark is known for wind turbines...."

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Trending Topics - Alternatives to conventional utility compensation can unlock untapped value

Like any corporation, investor-owned electric utilities have a duty to maximize shareholder profits. But today, how utilities make money must change to adapt to new grid needs, customer demands, and technological realities.

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Planeación Urbana Sustenable Para la Ciudad de Mexico

Urban Sustainability Planning for Mexico City offers recommendations for the City’s new Urban Development General Plan. Energy Innovation joined the government of Mexico City, colleagues from the Mario Molina Center for Energy and the Environment, and other Mexico City-based experts for this project, which draws on the framework developed in 12 Green Guidelines.

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Cap-and-trade market could raise pressure on dairies, jet makers and refineries

California companies that refine gas, make cheese and build satellites may face bigger bills in the state’s underperforming cap-and-trade market very soon. But their counterparts that extract oil from the earth, turn wood into paper or produce fertilizer are in line for a longer cap-and-trade honeymoon.

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