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A Mobility Plan in Los Angeles

Los Angeles’ Mobility 2035 plan shouldn’t be feared by residents. It will help solve gridlock and create true mobility by creating more transportation options, which is the best way to solve traffic congestion in California, home to three of the five most congested metro regions in America.

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Trending Topics - A Tale of Two Regions

If Charles Dickens were an energy analyst, he’d probably say the past ten years have been the best of times and the worst of times for wind power in America. Yet comparing the two regions with similar total installed wind capacity adds another twist to the story: the importance of good transmission planning.

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Who Should Own and Operate Distributed Energy Resources?

This paper, an addendum to An Adaptive Approach to System Optimization, presents a series of case studies on various ways to integrate cost-effective distributed technologies that have run into outdated regulatory models. It identifies strengths and weaknesses associated with utility-owned and operated DERs, third-party-operated DERs, and customer-operated DERs.

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Special Report: The truth about energy storage

For as long as renewable energy has been a threat to the conventional power sector, it has been plagued by warnings that too much wind and solar would destabilise the grid. Intermittent renewable energies could never power advanced economies unless they were backed up by large-scale affordable battery storage — a technology that had always seemed a distant dream. Yet, the dream seems to suddenly be not only achievable, but imminent and inevitable.

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