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President Trump and the clean energy future

Donald Trump’s election and presidential transition has revived debate over the roles various energy sources should play in a secure, reliable, affordable and clean U.S. electricity system. Moving beyond rhetoric, actual data show the market forces driving clean energy are likely to continue, regardless of federal policy under a President Trump. Let’s look at the numbers.

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Science and Economics - Not Politics - Will Strand Fossil Fuels

America’s post-election recalibration is nowhere as poignant, and consequential, as on climate change: If we lose the next four or eight years without serious action, the inexorable mathematics of carbon accumulation push a safe climate future far from reach. Fortunately, while President-Elect Trump may try reversing climate policy, other forces are reducing emissions without pause. Technology, economics, and state policy, will increasingly force fossil fuels to remain where they belong: in the ground.

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Marrakech: How to Win

Paris marked an unprecedented political commitment to reduce the threat of climate change. Marrakesh is the moment to move from what we must do to how we will do it. This collection of resources includes reports on how to design and implement policies to meet the world’s climate goals, as well as design guides for four of the world’s top energy policies: 1) carbon pricing, 2) vehicle performance standards, 3) vehicle and fuel fees and feebates, and 4) urban mobility policies. More of these policy-specific guides are coming soon.

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Three Reasons Trump Doesn't Matter To Energy Policy

The forces driving clean energy are likely to continue progressing regardless of efforts by President-elect Donald Trump to reverse them, a leading expert in energy policy said last week at Stanford University. “...We’re going to lose a lot of good stuff, but it’s not as bleak for this purpose as one might expect,” said Hal Harvey, CEO of Energy Innovation during a Nov. 28 lecture at Stanford.

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