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Three Steps to Making the New Urban Agenda Implementable

In zero draft form, theUN's New Urban Agenda outlines a fantastic vision for cities. It speaks of inclusion, equality, transit-oriented development and safety. But how do we get there? What does a “blueprint of the city” actually look like? We see three steps to policymaking that ensures any policy is implementable.

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Five Ways to a Flexible Grid

Many argue that the Achilles Heel of renewable energy is variability. No modern economy can run without certainty that the light switch will turn on the lights. So, as ever more renewable energy enters the power system, utilities and their overseers must explore options for maintaining a grid that not only puts up with variability, but actually optimizes with it. There are five options to make the grid more flexible as renewables come to comprise a larger portion of California's energy supply.

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Climate Policy for the Real World

This paper synthesizes the reasons for California’s successful climate policy. It considers the relative strengths and weaknesses of different types of policy, concluding that performance standards have led in reducing statewide emissions. Market failures beyond the lack of a price on carbon mean the best policy approach combines the three types of policy: performance standards, economic signals, and research and development (R&D).

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China Rethinks Cities

China is rethinking its urbanization. In February, national authorities adopted new urbanization guidelines that should, over time, lead to more compact cities with denser networks of narrow streets, more pedestrian and cycling lanes, better public transport, mixed-use zoning, and more green space. Many neighborhoods within China's major cities provide home-grown examples of urbanization done right.

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