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Should Utilities Own Distributed Battery Storage?

Price declines in residential solar and battery systems like Tesla’s Powerwall mean solar-plus-battery systems will soon be found in homes and businesses at the grid’s edge around the country. But what role will utilities play in the fast-approaching storage shift?

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Trending Topics - Should Utilities Own Distributed Storage?

Like other distributed energy resources (DERs), customer-owned distributed storage puts competitive pressure on utilities by reducing customers’ reliance on the grid. As costs of DERs come down, customers can afford to rely less and less on the grid for electricity service.

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Moving Toward Value in Utility Compensation, Part 1 - Revenue & Profit

This paper argues that the financial “value engine”—the difference between a utility’s return on investment and its cost of capital—drives shareholder returns. Regulators should use this value engine to align utilities’ financial motivations with delivering value to customers and society.

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Blueprint Released for America's Clean Power System

150 of America's top energy experts today refreshed America's Power Plan, a comprehensive policy toolkit designed to help federal and state policymakers, regulators, power market operators, as well as utility executives make smart decisions to steer the United States' power sector transformation toward a clean, affordable, and reliable system.

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