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Time for electricity markets to catch up

This article responds to Pilita Clark's recent Financial Times article, "Solar and wind could end up victims of their own success," in which she argues that increasing zero-marginal cost renewables on the grid threatens electricity market revenue. Sonia Aggarwal responds that this is only the case because electricity market operations are out-of-date, and ought to be updated to take advantage of new opportunities like renewables.

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Trending Topics - How Utilities Can Deliver Value for Customers and Society

Oftentimes, more can be learned about utilities’ top priorities by listening to shareholder earnings calls than regulatory proceedings. As with any investor-owned company, managers of investor-owned utilities are obligated to maximize shareholder value. So it pays when regulators can find ways to align shareholder value creation with the public interest. Enter performance-based regulation.

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Moving Toward Value in Utility Compensation, Part 1 - Revenue & Profit

This paper argues that the financial “value engine”—the difference between a utility’s return on investment and its cost of capital—drives shareholder returns. Regulators should use this value engine to align utilities’ financial motivations with delivering value to customers and society.

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Obama’s Energy Policy Frustrates All Sides

The Obama administration is continuing to carve out a middle ground when it comes to energy policy—satisfying neither environmentalists nor the energy industry in the process. This article summarizes Obama's energy strategy and actions (arctic drilling, methane emissions regulation, Clean Power Plan, etc.), and discusses what else the President can do to solidify his energy legacy.

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