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Carbon Market For Sustainable Growth

In an editorial for China Daily, EI's Chris Busch says California cap-and-trade offers lessons for China to help set up its national carbon market to generate sustainable growth.

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Hal Harvey’s Insights And Updates – The Future Of Cars And Trucks

Electric vehicles are accelerating faster than ever, but that doesn't mean the death of internal combustion engines just yet. To truly cut transportation emissions, we need both EVs and more efficient internal combustion engines.

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Future Wholesale Markets And Implications For Retail Markets

A presentation on the future of U.S. wholesale markets, three potential outcome, and related implications for retail power markets from Energy Innovation Vice President Sonia Aggawal.

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The Latest In Electric Vehicles

EI's new U.S. electric vehicle forecasts through 2050 are cited in an Axios article on EV market developments.

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