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Global Coal Use, Power Sector Emissions Will Peak Within A Decade As Low-Cost Renewable Energy Grows

Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s (BNEF) New Energy Outlook 2017 is the newest report to predict a diminishing role for fossil fuels as renewable energy and battery storage become cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable grid resources to 2040.

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Hal Harvey's Insights and Updates - Offshore wind: The next big thing in clean energy

Offshore wind, in contrast to the widespread cost declines and capacity additions we’ve seen with onshore wind and solar PV, has historically been more of a ‘boutique’ resource—a great idea in theory, but still expensive and concentrated in certain parts of the world. That is now changing, as offshore wind becomes mainstream for three reasons: location, advancing technology, and declining price.

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Recalibrating California's Cap-and-Trade Program To Account For Oversupply

For the first time last year, a portion of the current vintage allowances offered in one of the California-Quebec cap-and-trade program’s quarterly auctions went unsold. This report provides a quantitative analysis of the supply and demand for carbon allowances in the linked California-Quebec cap-and-trade program to help discern the role that temporary or systemic oversupply may be playing.

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Governor Brown wades into California cap-and-trade debate with new draft proposals

Governor Jerry Brown is drafting proposals for extending California's cap-and-trade programme, attempting to gain a two-thirds majority vote while assuaging industry and environmental campaigners. “The outlines of the deal... sound very positive, and will leave CARB significant scope to continue to improve the programme over time,” said Energy Innovation's Chris Busch.

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