Mary Francis Swint

Policy Analyst

Mary Francis Swint is a Policy Analyst at Energy Innovation Policy & Technology LLC®, focused on the firm’s Modeling and Analysis Program. She provides research and analysis to support the firm’s climate policy modeling, which delivers quantitative policy insights and detailed policy guidelines to stakeholders.

Before joining Energy Innovation®, Mary Francis was a Senior Knowledge Analyst at the Center for Energy Impact within the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). While there, she served as a company-wide advisor, conducting long-term analyses on major policy and geopolitical landmarks within the energy and environmental sectors globally. Prior to her work at BCG, Mary Francis worked at ICF, a global consulting firm, where she supported various local, state, federal, and nonprofit clients on climate and energy initiatives to mitigate and monitor greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the use of technologies that impact the climate system, and improve air quality.

Mary Francis holds a B.S. in earth and atmospheric sciences and a B.S. in environmental engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. During her studies, she published research in ACS Earth Space Chem on the relationship between atmospheric aerosol mineral surface area and iron solubility. Outside of the office, Mary Francis can be found on a trail with her pup, out riding her horse, in her new vegetable garden, or honing her skills throwing pottery.

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