Modeling The Infrastructure Bills Using The Energy Policy Simulator

The Build Back Better Act currently moving through the House reconciliation process is poised to be the most significant climate legislation in United States history. To help understand its impacts, Energy Innovation modeled multiple climate provisions of the BBB and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, referred to together as the “Infrastructure Bills,” using the Energy Policy Simulator. The modeling finds the Infrastructure Bills would cut annual emissions 1,067 MMT to 1,510 MMT and reach 70 to 85 percent clean electricity by 2030. If a Clean Electricity Performance Program is not included, emissions reductions fall to just 854 to 1,059 MMT with 61 to 69 percent clean electricity by 2030. This research affirms the two bills, if combined with state policy and regulatory action, would put the U.S. on a path to achieve its Nationally Determined Contribution of 50 to 52 percent emissions reductions by 2030.

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