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August 2020: Economic and Clean Energy Benefits of a Regional Southeast Electricity Market

June 2020: Rewiring the U.S. for Economic Recovery

April 2020: COVID Shows Need For Clean Air And Cheap Energy. Utilities Can Get Both Via “All-Source Procurement.”

March 2020: Natural Gas: A Bridge to Climate Breakdown and Utility Value Destruction

February 2020: Leading states have designed new ways to help utilities fight climate change

January 2020: How Utility Monopsony Regulation Drove Colorado’s Shockingly Cheap Wind and Solar Bids

July 2019: Wholesale Electricity Market Design for Rapid Decarbonization: Visions for the Future

March 2019 (2): We’ve reached a coal cost crossover with renewable energy – now what?

March 2019 (1): Making the most of DER: international insights for regulating transformation in distribution networks

January 2019: Energy Storage: Still Waiting for Markets to Catch Up

December 2018: New tools to manage financial transition from uneconomic coal to cheap, clean power

November 2018: Investment-grade policy: de-risking renewable energy projects

October 2018: How dumb distribution spending is crowding out the smart clean energy future

September 2018: Three opportunities for regulators to encourage beneficial electrification

August 2018: Proactive support for coal and nuclear plant communities

July 2018: How innovation leaders are fixing the utility information problem

June 2018: Connecting the dots – Saving time, money, and the environment with smart planning for power lines and renewable energy development

May 2018: ERCOT’s summer peak demand forecast: new investment, generator profits, no blackouts

April 2018: The power market fix we’ve been waiting for…

March 2018: Laying the foundation to update utility regulation

February 2018: America’s offshore wind boom is finally here: Which state will win the race to the top?

January 2018: Time to refine how we talk about wholesale markets

December 2017: A year-end update on electricity policy from the field

November 2017: Resilience in a clean energy future

October 2017: Ways to improve wholesale power markets now and in the future

September 2017: Emerging lessons on performance-based regulation from the United Kingdom

August 2017: Getting the most out of vehicle electrification

July 2017: Energy efficiency’s existential crisis is an opportunity too

June 2017: Mind the “storage” gap: how much flexibility do we need in a high renewables future?

May 2017: Secretary Perry, we have some questions too

April 2017: How a cold March day in Texas exposed the value of flexibility – and what markets can learn

March 2017: Getting the Most out of Grid Modernization

February 2017: A Survivor’s Guide to the Debate over Existing Nuclear Plants

January 2017: Wind and solar are our cheapest electricity generation sources – now what do we do?

December 2016: Was 2016 the year of wholesale market reform?

November 2016: How utilities can become efficiency innovators

October 2016: Four reasons 30 percent wind and solar is technically no big deal

September 2016: Canadian Hydro – a lifeline for Northeastern clean energy goals?

August 2016: Financing Colorado’s Clean Energy Transition

July 2016: Alternatives to conventional utility compensation can unlock untapped value

June 2016: Poll shows widespread support for clean energy

May 2016: Texas Regulators Save Customers Billions

April 2016: Utilities in the Information Age – Moving from Construction to Optimization

March 2016: The transmission grid is getting ready, but will DERs come to the party?

February 2016: New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision shows how to manage change: context, commitment, collaboration, and consultation

January 2016: Four Reasons Why 2016 is the Year of the Wholesale Power Market

December 2015: After Paris: The State of America’s Electricity Sector Emissions

November 2015: Performance Management Ideas for Public Power

October 2015: The Future of Demand Response

September 2015: A Tale of Two Regions

August 2015: How Utilities Can Deliver Value for Customers and Society

July 2015: Electricity Grid Integration in the West

June 2015: Should Utilities Own Distributed Storage?

May 2015: Are Policymakers Driving Blind with Yesterday’s Cost Numbers?

April 2015: Do Pay-for-Performance Capacity Markets Deliver the Outcomes We Need?

March 2015: What can we learn from evolving renewable contracts and grid operations?

February 2015: Efficiency: Can we accept less stringent oversight if it means better outcomes?

January 2015: Living on the Edge – Getting Ready for Distributed Energy Resources

December 2014: Will EPA’s Clean Power Plan Really Break the Grid?

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