An Action Plan For U.S. Industrial Heat Electrification (Part 3 of 3)

In the last installment of our three-part series on industrial decarbonization, we explore the role electrification can play in achieving net zero goals for a stable climate. Host Sara Baldwin speaks with Blaine Collison of the Renewable Thermal Collaborative about the barriers to electrifying industrial heat processes in the U.S., and the policy, regulatory, and market changes that could put the country on track to electrify more industries.


Guest Bios:

Blaine Collison is the Executive Director of the Renewable Thermal Collaborative and the Senior Vice President at David Gardiner and Associates, where he helps companies and institutions advance renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change initiatives, including industrial decarbonization. Previously, he served as the managing director of marketing and partnerships at Altenex, an Edison Energy company, where he led the development of corporate sustainability services, communications, and strategic partnerships. He also served 17 years with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, with multiple roles in the Energy Star program and a decade leading the Green Power Partnership.


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