All I Want For The Holidays Is An All-Electric Home

It’s holiday time after a hard year. More than ever, the need for healthy homes is exceedingly clear. It’s true what they say and true what you hear: Nearly 90 million households burn fossil fuels on site, and that’s just not right! Greenhouse gases and harmful pollutants make our stoves, heaters, and dryers quite a nuisance! Our climate and health are taking a hit – we’ve got to quit. Entrenched fossil interests and weak building codes keeping us hooked on fuels is complicity – the Grinches don’t want our homes to run on clean electricity.

But fear not, dear podcasters, we’ve good news to share! A movement is afoot to fight and clean up our appliances so homes are just right. Electrify This! will host three building experts who will share their tomes on how to build better buildings and healthier homes. Who are these Who’s from Whoville leading the way? And how will they save the day? You’ll have to tune in – we won’t give it away!

This holiday-themed episode of Electrify This! looks at how our homes and buildings impact climate and public health, and what can be done to shift the building sector away from fossil fuels: building and energy codes; policies; market forces, consumer decisions, and more. And we share handy home electrification tips and electrifying holiday gift ideas.


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