IEA’s 2012 Tracking Clean Energy Progress

IEA Tracking Clean Energy Progress Report

Every year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) puts out a report, “Tracking Clean Energy Progress,” which discusses the technologies and financing mechanisms needed to mitigate climate change. Their 2012 report was just released. You can see the whole report at:

Tracking Clean Energy Progress – International Energy Agency

Brad Plumer, writing for the Washington Post, summarized many of the key points in a recent article. In short, we are not on track to keep global warming below 2 degrees C by 2100. While the world is making good progress in the deployment of renewable energy technologies, it is lagging in carbon capture & sequestration, nuclear power, vehicle fuel economy, and building energy efficiency. You can read Plumer’s full summary at:

Report: World progress too slow on climate control – Brad Plumer, Washington Post