Without Mapping Tools, Environmental Justice Investments Could Be Just A Shot In The Dark

EI’s Michelle Solomon explains how mapping tools can play a critical role in ensuring a just clean energy transition.

Michigan 2050 Carbon Neutrality Goal Could Be An Economic Engine– If It Avoids A Rush To Gas

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains that Michigan has set a carbon neutrality goal that’s one of the nation’s most ambitious targets. However, how the state chooses to implement its path forward has huge consequences.

Great River Energy Member Co-ops Should Say No To The Coal Creek Giveaway

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Three Ways Utilities Can Keep Pace With The Unprecedented Amounts Of Clean Power Coming Online

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Dusting For ‘Fingerprints’ To Determine Humanity’s Climate Impacts

EI’s Greg Alvarez says extreme weather forensics can help determine climate change’s role in disasters to help engage public interest and actions.

A Bigger Tent Delivers Stronger Wins for Climate: The Lesson From Illinois

EI’s Sarah Spengeman says Illinois’ Climate and Equitable Jobs Act is comprehensive climate legislation designed to advance racial equity and economic justice that other states should follow.

2022 Energy Predictions: Coal Decline Accelerates, Federal Funds Spur Clean Energy, Millions Of New Electric Vehicles And Chargers

EI’s Silvio Marcacci interviews five experts to predict 2022’s major energy stories including coal’s accelerating decline, federal investments expanding clean energy and the grid, and millions of new electric vehicles on U.S. roads.

Top 5 U.S. Electrification Policy Wins Of 2021: Federal Investment, Electric Vehicles, Building Electrification

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains why 2021 was a big year for electrification progress in the U.S., a necessary step toward combating climate change.

Bold Action Fueled COP26’s Zero Emission Vehicles Declaration. Even Bolder Action Is Needed To Deploy Clean Cars Fast Enough To Save The Climate

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Solar and Crop Production Research Shows ‘Multi-Solving’ Climate Benefits

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