The Billion-Dollar Coal Bailout Nobody Is Talking About: Self-Committing In Power Markets

EI’s Mike O’Boyle discusses a hidden billion-dollar coal bailout: Self-committing, or utilities scheduling uneconomic coal-fired plants to run at a loss even when cheaper electricity is available.

The Global Insurance Industry’s $6 Billion Existential Threat: Coal Power

EI’s Silvio Marcacci outlines how global insurers are funding coal power projects even though they face an “existential threat” from climate change.

Mexico Climate Policy Can Boost Its Economy, Save $5 Billion, Prevent 26,000 Deaths By 2030

EI’s Megan Mahajan says Mexico climate policy can cut emissions 31% by 2030 while saving $5 billion in overall costs and preventing more than 26,000 premature deaths.

How Arcane Accounting Rules Could Help Save Coal-Heavy Utilities

Coal-heavy utilities face increasing pressure to retire uneconomic coal plants, but accounting rules for plant depreciation could help resolve their financial obligations.

Getting Rid Of This Vehicle Fuel Economy Standard Is Actually A Great Way To Combat Climate Change

The Trump administration has shown gutting regulations is rarely the right way to cut pollution, but rolling back this one federal vehicle fuel economy standard would actually reduce U.S. tailpipe emissions five ways.

Leveraging China’s “Green Soft Power” For Responsible Belt And Road Initiative Investment

EI’s Hu Min says China’s “soft green power” could help up to $900 billion in Belt and Road Initiative infrastructure investments reduce emissions.

How States Can Overcome The Looming EV Charging Infrastructure Gap: New York, Maryland, Michigan

EI’s Amanda Myers says New York, Maryland, and Michigan are helping overcome the EV infrastructure charging gap through utility programs.

Renewable Energy Job Boom Creates Economic Opportunity As Coal Industry Slumps

EI’s Silvio Marcacci says renewable energy jobs are booming just as the coal industry is contracting, even in America’s most coal-dependent regions.

The Coal End Game: Building New Renewables Is Cheaper Than Running Existing Coal Plants

EI’s Hal Harvey outlines the “coal end game” where building new local wind and solar is cheaper than running existing coal plants.

How States Can Overcome The Looming EV Charging Infrastructure Gap

EI’s Amanda Myers says 88% of the biggest U.S. cities lack the EV charging infrastructure to meet demand forecasts, but says California’s utility deployment holds lessons for other states.