U.S. West Coast Offshore Wind Could Take Flight– With The Right Federal And State Support

EI’s Michelle Solomon explains the West Coast has world-class offshore wind resources, and with the right policy mix, harnessing the energy source could be a major job-creator that revitalizes port communities.

Unleashing The Economic Power And Reliability Potential Of West Coast Offshore Wind

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Clean Energy Jobs Are Booming, Making Up For Rising Fossil Fuel Unemployment

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains that a new Department of Energy report finds there are now over 3 million net-zero carbon jobs in the U.S., with big growth in EV positions.

How Utilities Can Harness Green Hydrogen Production’s Flexibility In Balancing A High Renewables Grid

EI’s Eric Gimon explains green hydrogen can provide crucial flexibility that’s needed as we transition to an electric grid with high-renewable energy penetration.

California Risks Missing Its Climate Targets. Here’s How It Can Get Back On Track And Add Billions In Economic Growth

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New Energy Policy Simulator Modeling Shows Benefits Of Stronger Policies In California

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Americans Are Suffering Record Pain At The Pump. Will Congress Provide Electric Vehicle Relief?

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Everyone Wants Pennsylvania To Be The Next “Hydrogen Hub”– Buyer Beware

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America’s Clean Tech Industrial Revolution Is Underway, Thanks To President Biden

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Four Ways California Can Keep The Power On Amid Climate Change. More Natural Gas Isn’t One Of Them.

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