The U.S. Southeast: A Hotspot For Uneconomic Fossil Power, Already Costs Consumers Millions

EI’s Mike O’Boyle says by continuing to run and build uneconomic fossil fuel plants, Southeast U.S. utilities cost consumers millions and risk billions in stranded assets.

Hydrogen Could Become A $130 Billion U.S. Industry By 2050. Could It Also Cut Emissions?

EI’s Jeff Rissman says hydrogen is a key emerging decarbonization technology, and could become a $130 billion U.S. industry while cutting emissions by 2050.

California Electric Vehicle Exports, Already Valued At $3 Billion In 2018, Expected To Hit $3.4 Billion In 2019

EI’s Chris Busch says data shows California electric vehicle exports, already one of the states most valuable industries, could hit $3.4 billion in value during 2019.

Trump Revoking California Emissions Waiver Will Cost Billions, Fracture U.S. Auto Market

Trump revoking California emissions waiver will cost consumers billions, dramatically increase emissions, and fracture the U.S. auto market, writes EI’s Megan Mahajan.

How Trump’s Antitrust Witch Hunt Could Hurt U.S. Automakers And The Climate

Trump’s antitrust investigation into an agreement between automakers and California into fuel efficient vehicles is unwarranted, says EPA veteran Margo Oge.

Steering Autonomous Vehicles From Curse To Blessing Via Autonomous Bus Rapid Transit

Autonomous bus rapid transit systems could help solve urban traffic woes and decarbonization challenges, while creating more space in our cities.

Building Electrification Could Add Hundreds Of Millions Of Batteries To The Grid

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal outlines how building electrification could add hundreds of millions of thermal batteries to the U.S. grid.

Trump’s Relaxed Vehicle Standards Could Raise Fuel Costs And Emissions

EI’s Megan Mahajan details the economic and emissions impacts of Trump’s proposed federal vehicle standards rollback in Axios.

Asia’s Utilities And Policymakers Should Think Twice About Doubling Down On Risky U.S. LNG Imports

EI’s Robbie Orvis says the rush to invest in U.S. LNG imports could be a risky economic move for Asia’s utilities and policymakers.

Trump’s Clean Car Rollback Will Cost Up To $400 Billion, Increase Transport Emissions 10%

EI’s Megan Mahajan discusses new modeling showing Trump’s clean car rollback will cost U.S. consumers up to $400 billion and increase transport emissions 10%