99 Percent Of Coal Plants Are More Expensive Than Renewables. A Coal-To-Clean Transition Is Worth $589 Billion, Mostly In Red States

EI’s Eric Gimon explains the job creation and economic opportunities that would come from replacing uneconomic coal plants with wind and solar would largely accrue in red states.

When Denver Temperatures Plunged Below Zero, My Heat Pump Kept My Home At 70

EI’s Dan Esposito explains myths about heat pumps not working in extreme cold are unfounded, as his heat pump kept his Denver-area home warm when temperatures plunged to -15, without any natural gas backup.

The U.S. Can Go Much Bigger On Offshore Wind: 3 Lessons From The UK And Denmark

EI’s Mike O’Boyle explains there’s ample room for the U.S. to strengthen its modest offshore wind targets, and following the roadmaps already drawn in the U.K. and Denmark can speed up the process.

2023 Predictions: IRA Spurs Clean Energy Boom, Electric Trucks Accelerate, Battery Demand Surges, EPA Cuts Power Sector Pollution

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains 2022 was an enormously encouraging year in the fight against climate change, and it laid the groundwork for even greater progress in 2023.

Crossing The Emissions Gap Between Inflation Reduction Act And NDC Is Worth 4 Million Jobs

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains the Inflation Reduction Act still doesn’t cut emissions enough to meet U.S. climate goals, but more ambitious policy to close the gap would be a massive job creator.

Why Wind And Solar Are Ready To Power China’s Next 40 Years

EI’s Mike O’Boyle explains a recent study finds China can enhance its energy security, address recent grid reliability issues, and cut its reliance on coal power.

Zero-Emission Vehicle Sales Standards: California And China’s Secret Weapon On Transportation Electrification

EI’s Chris Busch explains zero-emission vehicle sales standards are policies that could greatly speed up transportation electrification in two of the world’s largest car markets.

How States And Utilities Can Lower Consumer Bills And Accelerate The Clean Energy Transition

EI’s Sara Baldwin and Hadley Tallackson explain how the Inflation Reduction Act can help policymakers cut energy bills while protecting consumers from future energy price spikes.

Electric Vehicle Sales Are Surging. But Net-Zero By 2050 Means Policymakers Must Get Into The Fast Lane

EI’s Anand Gopal explains zero-emission electric vehicles (EVs) are a mature and cost-effective technology ready to take over our roads. But policymakers must act now to leverage the tremendous climate, health, and savings benefits.

Fossil Fuel-Funded Opposition Is Blocking America’s Clean Energy Transition. Permitting Reform Can Help

EI’s Greg Alvarez explains the overwhelming majority of onshore wind and solar projects are permitted at the state and local level, and fossil fuel-funded opponents are stirring up local backlash that jeopardizes clean energy goals.