The Big Fix: Seven Ways ‘Climate Citizens’ Can Help Reach America’s Climate Goals

EI CEO Hal Harvey explains his new book The Big Fix offers readers a roadmap to citizen climate action that can spur necessary change at the state and local level.

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You Can Be A Powerful Catalyst For Climate Action– You Just Need To Know Where To Look

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These Climate Actions Make The Biggest Difference, Book Says

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Climate Change Is A Big Problem. Citizens Must Demand Many Small Solutions

EI CEO Hal Harvey explains tightening building codes so that the places we live and work consume less energy is a key climate solution people can tackle at the local level.

How Wright’s Law Can Right the Climate

EI’s Anand Gopal says Inflation Reduction Act incentives will cut costs for clean energy technology around the world, empowering developing nations to leapfrog fossil fuels.

Inflation Reduction Act Benefits: Electric Vehicle Tax Incentives For Consumers And U.S. Automakers

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A Big Payoff From U.S.-China Climate Coordination

EI’s Mike O’Boyle explains China and the U.S. can cut carbon emissions faster if they work together, and both countries can reach an 80 percent clean grid by 2035.