The World’s Three Largest Economies Go All-In On Heat Pumps: How Policy Can Cut Gas Use And Energy Bills

EI’s Silvio Marcacci talks with RAP Senior Associate Dr. Richard Lowes to better understand the climate and economic benefits of heat pumps, as well as what polices are needed to speed their adoption.

Decarbonizing Industrial Heat Via Heat Pumps

EI’s Jeff Rissman explains industrial heat pumps could eliminate a signification portion of greenhouse gas emissions from industry, but further policy support is needed to speed their adoption.

A Divisive Arlington Housing Proposal Can Help Save The Climate And Our Wallets

EI’s Dan O’Brien explains a new housing proposal in Arlington, VA is the sort of policy that could increase access to affordable housing while shrinking carbon footprints.

Technological Learning And policy Together Can Advance Clean Energy

EI’s Michelle Solomon explains the idea of learning curves and how traditional forecasts have often missed clean energy cost declines because they fail to account for them.

Storage, Demand-Side Innovation, Neighbors, And A Bit Of Luck– Reliability Lessons From Summer 2022

EI’s Mike O’Boyle and Eric Gimon dive into the reliability challenges some regions navigated this summer and looked at what we can learn as the clean energy transition continues.

Battling Heat Waves, The Silent Killer

EI’s Greg Alvarez explains that although climate change is making heat waves more frequent and severe, the news isn’t all bad, as new research is identifying mitigation strategies to limit damage and suffering.

$28 Billion In New Clean Energy Manufacturing Investments Announced Since Inflation Reduction Act Passed

EI’s Silvio Marcacci says clean energy manufacturers have announced $28 billion in new U.S. investments since the Inflation Reduction Act was passed.

You’re A Climate Conscious Consumer. It’s Time To Become A Climate Citizen.

EI’s Hal Harvey explains there are many decisions made at the state and local level that can drive emission reductions and everyday people can have an enormous influence on them.

The Inflation Reduction Act Upends Hydrogen Economics With Opportunities, Pitfalls

EI’s Dan Esposito and Hadley Tallackson report Inflation Reduction Act incentives make green hydrogen the cheapest form of the fuel, upending natural gas economics.

Inflation Reduction Act Benefits: Good Paying Jobs And Revitalized U.S. Manufacturing

EI’s Sarah Spengeman explains the Inflation Reduction Act will be a massive job creator and boon to U.S. manufacturing, while containing provisions to ensure the new jobs are well-paying.