Trump Fuel Efficiency Freeze Is A Fork In The Road For Auto Industry. Will It Take The Path Forward?

EPA’s Margo Oge says Trump’s fuel efficiency freeze puts U.S. automakers at a crossroads between innovative new technologies that compete with foreign automakers, or “old tech” risking lost profits and dirtier air.

Grants Can Create Dysfunction At Charities. Here’s A Solution.

EI’s Hal Harvey outlines how strategic philanthropy can resolve dysfunction and tension between foundations and organizations in grantmaking.

Cities Must Take Advantage Of The Bikeshare Bonanza

Shared, point-to-point bikeshare can massively improve transportation in crowded cities, and the private sector can be a major part of the solution – if cities ensure that they remain affordable and convenient for people.

Can A ‘DER Authority’ Fix The Utility Information Problem To Boost Clean Energy?

EI’s Mike O’Boyle says a new type of performance-based regulation, the “DER Authority”, could fix utility information problems while boosting clean energy.

Un-SAFE: Trump Clean Cars Rollback Would Cost $450 Billion By 2050, Increase Emissions 11% By 2035

New EI research shows the Trump Administration’s expected clean car rollback will cost the U.S. $457 billion while increasing emissions 11% and gas use 20% by 2035.

Clear Strategy Could Make This The “Century Of Philanthropy” – If It’s Money Well Spent

EI’s Hal Harvey says the 21st Century has been called the “Century of Philanthropy,” but since philanthropy is evolving, it is worth rethinking what works, what fails, and how to ensure it is money well spent.

Top Renewable Energy Financiers Reveal Pathway To $1 Trillion In U.S. Investment

EI’s Silvio Marcacci says a new survey shows renewable energy will be an increasingly attractive investment in the U.S. and could attract $1 trillion in cumulative private investment by 2030.

Listening To Beneficiary Needs And Respecting Grantees

EI’s Hal Harvey outlines how listening to beneficiary needs and respecting grantees can ensure that philanthropic funding is money well spent.

Will Ontario’s Carbon Market Withdrawal Harm The Western Climate Initiative? No, Says Price Rebound.

EI’s Chris Busch says Ontario’s withdrawal from the WCI carbon market was a temporary setback for North American cap-and-trade, but the nostalgic play for 20th century economics could cost Canada’s most populous province billions.

Three Ways Energy Storage Can Generate Revenue In America’s Organized Power Markets

EI’s Eric Gimon says even though energy storage is surging in the U.S., it hasn’t yet been able to plug into America’s organized power markets, but fortunately, energy storage can tap these new markets and earn revenue through three tactics.