How Feasible Is Green Hydrogen? Some Back-Of-The-Envelope Calculations

EI’s Eric Gimon examines how green hydrogen could help decarbonize heavy industry and its potential to rival fossil fuels in the markets.

Clean Steel Could Help The U.S. Reach Zero-Carbon Industry

EI’s Nik Sawe explains the potential that green steel has on decarbonizing the industry and reducing its negative climate impact.

EPA Didn’t Ban Gas Cars. It Cut Air Pollution So We Can Breathe Easier

EI’s Sara Baldwin highlights that light-duty vehicles contribute to almost 60 percent of the transportation sector’s climate pollution. Thus, reducing tailpipe emissions is imperative to address widespread air pollution.

As Threats To Air Quality Rise, Communities Deploy Low-Cost Air Monitoring Networks

EI’s Rachel Goldstein describes the Identifying Violations Affecting Neighborhoods (IVAN) network which is an environmental monitoring system that enables residents to take an active role in air quality monitoring.

Right To Repair: Making Products Last Longer Saves Money And The Climate

EI’s Nik Sawe discusses how saving money and helping the environment are two of the benefits of a good right to repair law.

Electric Trucks Will Be Cheaper Than Diesel – Decades Faster Than Expected

EI’s Chris Busch discusses new research which shows electric HDV cost declines have accelerated, and are on track to be cheaper than diesel decades faster than expected.

Climate’s Industrial-Sized Problem Calls For Electrification

EI’s Jeff Rissman discusses how industrial emissions can be cut, if fossil fuels are replaced with zero-emissions energy sources.

We Must Cut Carbon From Industry. Here’s How We Can Do It.

EI’s Jeff Rissman outlines how industry can be decarbonized through well-designed policies and investments in existing and new technologies.

Opinion: Cement Is A Big Part Of The Carbon Problem. Here’s How To Make It Part Of The Solution

EI’s Jeff Rissman discusses how the manufacturing of cement emits 8 percent of carbon dioxide pollution globally, but that it can be mitigated with new technologies.

U.S. Gas Prices Could Spike 14% Without Biden’s Pause On New LNG Export Terminals

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains how new EI analysis shows that the LNG export terminal pause could insulate American consumers from up to $18 billion in annual energy costs.