How To Encourage Policies And R&D For Carbon-Reducing Technologies

An excerpt from EI’s new book Designing Climate Solutions outlines how research and development can accelerate deployment of technologies to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Well-Designed Subsidies Boost Electric Vehicle Adoption

An excerpt from Energy Innovation’s new book Designing Climate Solutions discusses how well-designed electric vehicle subsidies can accelerate deployment.

How Dumb Distribution Spending Crowds Out A Smart Clean Energy Future

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We Have A Decade To Prevent Dangerous Climate Change: These 10 Policies Can Limit Warming To 2°C

Scientists say we have a decade to prevent dangerous climate change. It’s a daunting challenge, but 10 policies applied in 20 countries can reach the goal.

Becoming Bankable: How Renewable Energy Startups Can Deploy Equipment At Scale

EI’s Hunter Connell says renewable energy equipment startup suppliers can become “bankable” with an incremental, stakeholder-specific framework that mitigates perceived risks.

Can California Be The U.S. Auto Industry’s New Best Friend?

Former EPA official Margo Oge says that economic uncertainties from Trump’s clean cars rollback mean California can be the U.S. auto industry’s best friend.

PJM Doubling Down On The Wrong Capacity Solution

EI’s Eric Gimon outlines reasons why PJM’s capacity market reform efforts are doubling down on the wrong solution and urges a different approach.

Beneficial electrification: How to make it work

EI’s Mike O’Boyle outlines how widespread beneficial electrification requires anticipating and removing technical and institutional barriers to take full advantage of technological trends.

Miles To Go

EI’s Hal Harvey writes that even though strategic philanthropy has come a long way in the past decade, it still has miles to go to reach social impact goals.

China Should Match California’s Effort To Slow Climate Change

EI’s Hal Harvey says that if China matches California’s ambitious zero emissions by 2045 pledge, it will become the global leader on climate action and bring along other nations.