Gas Utilities Are Promoting Hydrogen, But It Could Be A Dead End For Consumers And The Climate

EI’s Dan Esposito explains that utility proposals to blend hydrogen with natural gas in their existing distribution network could cost consumers money, increase air pollution and create safety risks while minimally reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Legislating For Climate Justice Starts With Listening

EI’s Sarah Spengeman explains that Illinois’s Climate and Equitable Jobs Act is a great example of transformative policymaking because the legislation was crafted through a genuinely inclusive process.

Oregon’s $4 Billion Economic Opportunity From Ambitious Climate Policy

EI’s Robbie Orvis explains the immense economic benefits Oregon would realize if it continues taking actions to remain a national climate policy leader.

So Much For Coal’s Rebound– Plant Closures Come Roaring Back. It’s Time To Unlock A Just Transition.

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains that while coal rebounded in 2021, it was a temporary blip that has already started to reverse rather than the start of a long-term trend.

Biden’s $4.3 Billion Offshore Wind Lease Auction Shows A Once-In-A-Generation Economic Opportunity—But Only Commonsense Policies Can Seize The Potential.

EI’s Greg Alvarez explains why the Biden Administration’s recent record-setting offshore wind lease auction is a huge deal for the future of a much-needed clean energy source.

What Do Utility Companies Have To Say About Clean Energy Tax Credits?

EI’s Greg Alvarez explains why the clean energy tax credits in the Build Back Better Act have the potential to be transformative policies.

Biden Just Banned Russia Oil Imports. Here’s How The United States Replaces That Supply

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains the clean energy provisions in the Build Back Better Act would reduce U.S. oil and gas demand enough to offset Russian imports while protecting consumers from future price spikes.

Manchin’s Budget Offer Can Help America Fight Inflation And Climate Change

EI’s Mike O’Boyle explains why climate action can be a powerful tool to help fight inflation while saving money for American families and businesses.

Biden’s Clean Industry Policies Could Be Among Most Consequential U.S. Climate Actions

EI’s Jeff RiIssman says President Biden’s clean industry policy proposals could wind up being among the United States’ most consequential climate actions.

Transmission, Reliability, And Gas System Decarbonization Top Of Mind For State Utility Regulators In 2022

EI’s Michelle Solomon and Hadley Tallackson highlight top takeaways from the NARUC 2022 conference.