COVID Shows Need For Clean Air And Cheap Energy. Utilities Can Get Both Via “All-Source Procurement.”

EI’s Amanda Myers highlights research showing how “all-source” procurement can help utilities cut costs and air pollution across the electricity grid.

The Western U.S. Has Some Of America’s Strongest Clean Energy Goals. It Needs More Grid Flexibility To Achieve Them.

EI’s Eric Gimon says Western states have some of America’s most ambitious clean energy goals, with multiple states targeting more than 50% by 2030, but will require much more grid flexibility in order to hit their climate targets.

Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way: East Coast States And Cities Accelerate On Decarbonization Pathway

EI’s Amanda Myers says East Coast states and cities are using smart decarbonization strategies to codify emissions reductions and accelerate the clean energy transformation.

Four Federal Policies Could Help Offshore Wind Jump Start Our Coronavirus Economic Recovery

EI’s Silvio Marcacci identifies four low-cost federal policies that could help offshore wind “jump start” America’s post-coronavirus economic recovery.

Utility Investors Risk Billions In Rush To Natural Gas: Is It A Bridge To Climate Breakdown?

The U. S. power sector’s rush to build out natural gas capacity poses billions in financial risk for utility investors, but smart policy and shareholder advocacy can cut emissions and economic risks.

States Lead The Way On Utility Regulation That Can Cut Emissions And Costs

EI’s Amanda Myers shares how states are developing novel approaches to utility regulation, reducing demands on the power system.

Pathways To Net Zero Carbon Buildings In Reach Around The World Today

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal interviews Renilde Becque on what constitues net zero carbon buildings and the policy pathways that can encourage them around the world.

How Even Stronger California Climate Policies Could Spark A $7 Billion Economic Opportunity

EI’s Chris Busch shares modeling that shows California will miss its 2030 emissions target by 25 MMT, and recommends six climate policies to close the gap.

Renewable Energy Prices Hit Record Lows: How Can Utilities Benefit From Unstoppable Solar And Wind?

New EIA and Lazard data show wind and solar are unstoappable. EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains how utilities can take advantage of these cheap renewables.

Five 2020 Energy Predictions: Solar Surge, Coal Crash, Gas Exorcism, Clean Energy Incentives, Public Mobilization

EI’s Silvio Marcacci shares 2020 energy and climate policy predictions for the United States from five leading experts.