Massachusetts Moves To Follow California, New York In Planning For Natural Gas Phaseout

EI’s Bruce Nilles says states must plan for fossil gas phaseout in order to meet their climate goals.

A 90% Clean Grid Can Be Achieved Quickly. What’s Holding It Back?

The Energy Gang podcast features new research from UC Berkeley and a policy report from Energy Innovation that provide a roadmap for how to get a 90% clean grid in just 15 years.

Sizing Up California’s Electric Trucking Plan

EI research finds proposed zero-emissions truck mandates in California would generate savings of $7.3 billion through 2040, and potentially over $12 billion based on lower battery cost assumptions.

Clean Truck Rule Would Avoid 17.6M Tons Of CO2 — Report

EI’s Chris Busch explains why California’s Advanced Clean Trucks rule will yield both economic and public health benefits.

Murray Energy Bankruptcy Still Casts Shadow On Coal’s Economic Viability

EI analysis shows the levelized cost of new wind and solar is cheaper than the cost of keeping existing coal plants running.

Report: By 2035, 90 Percent of the US Could be Powered By Renewables

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal highlights how a federal clean energy standard and clean energy tax credits, along with other policies, provide a tremendous opportunity for economic recovery.

The Path To 90% Clean Energy By 2035 With No Cost Increase

EI’s companion report takes a deeper look at the policies that would help bring about the 90% by 2035 scenario.

‘Cheaper To Save The Climate’: UC Berkeley Study Finds Clean Energy Transition Possible By 2035

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains why policy is necessary to deliver on the promise of 90% clean electricity by 2035.

The U.S. Energy Grid Can Be Both Cheaper And Cleaner

EI’s report outlines a set of technology-neutral policies that support the transition to 90% clean electricity by 2035.

The Covid-19 Economic Slump Is Closing Down Coal Plants

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal shares why investments in clean energy provide a unique opportunity for economic recovery and emission reductions.