Fifty Years Since The First Oil Shock: How Much Has Changed?

EI’s Robbie Orvis joins the gang to explore the parallels between the first great oil shock and the economic and political issues arising from the conflict in the Middle East today.

Utility Refunds Top Priorities List For New Ohio Consumers’ Counsel

EI research finds that 99 percent of U.S. coal plants are more costly to keep running than if they were replaces with renewable energy.

Biden Administration Launches ‘Earthshot’ Effort To Slash Energy Bills

EI’s Sara Baldwin discusses how the Affordable Home Energy Earth Shot is a great example of the federal government stepping in to fill a real gap in the market.

The Problem WIth Making Green Hydrogen To Fuel Power Plants

EI’s Dan Esposito discusses our 2022 green hydrogen report and explains that burning blends of hydrogen and fossil gas isn’t a viable large-scale solution.

Bill Gates-Backed StartUp Launches Wildly Hot Thermal Battery System: ‘Uninterruptible, Reliable Supply Of Process Heat’

EI research finds that the effects of heavy industry can be offset with the use of thermal battery systems which store electricity generated by heat.

Antora Energy Launches Commercial-Scale Thermal Battery System To Combat Industrial Pollution

EI research predicts that heavy industry sectors will be the largest source of planet-warming pollution in the U.S., but thermal batteries can help.

From Solar Panels To National Policies, What Climate Solutions Actually Help?

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal joins a panel to discuss what can be done at home, in your community, and on a larger scale through policy and industry action to fight climate change.

The Ford Vs. GM Feud Could Shape The Future Of EVs In America

EI’s Robbie Orvis discusses how the IRA tax credit and the “foreign entity of concern” rule will shape the future of electric vehicles (EV) in the United States.

California Takes Big First Step Toward Floating Offshore Wind

EI’s Mike O’Boyle discusses how California will need to coordinate private-sector investment and public-policy commitment in order for offshore wind to hit it’s targets.

Is Inslee’s Plan Working? The Electric Car Age Arrives – For Some

EI’s electric vehicle (EV) fill-up research finds that Washington has the most savings potential due to low electric rates.