Natural Gas Prices Are Rising And Could Be The Most Expensive In 13 Years This Winter

EI’s Mike O’Boyle says to reach net-zero emissions economywide by 2050, any natural gas utility will have to focus not just on the carbon intensity of the fuel supplied, but also facilitate a just and equitable transition away from natural gas as a fuel.

Concrete Industry Says Carbon Capture A Key To Hitting Emissions Targets

EI’s Jeff Rissman says the Global Cement and Concrete Association’s blueprint for net-zero emissions is comprehensive, but that burning plastic waste as an energy source would not prevent CO2 from getting into the atmosphere.

Market Design For The Energy Transition

EI’s Eric Gimon explains what changes are needed in energy markets to facilitate the clean energy transition.

The Oil And Gas Industry Is Using Louisiana’s Climate Task Force To Push Carbon Capture

EI’s Louisiana Energy Policy Simulator is cited in an article discussing policy proposals to decarbonize the state’s industrial sector.

Can The Shipping Industry Meet Its Climate Goal For 2050?

EI’s Jeff Rissman says for the International Chamber of Shipping to meet its net-zero goal, it will need to start transitioning ships to alternative fuels now because ships have long lifespans.

White House Promotes Faraway Promise Of Green Hydrogen

EI’s Mike O’Boyle says it’s not a viable strategy for blended hydrogen to replace natural gas that is going toward homes, industry, and power plants to reduce the emissions associated with the whole system.

From Grief To Action: Lessons From A Climate Hero

EI’s Mary Anne Hitt says it’s important climate solutions make people’s daily lives better – cleaning up pollution hotspots, creating new economic opportunity in communities that have been left out, and restoring landscapes hammered by the fossil fuel industry.

The Daily Climate Debate: How Easy Is It To Live A Green Lifestyle?

EI’s Bruce Nilles says we can’t solve climate change unless governments enact policies to make it easy and affordable for consumers to transition away from fossil fuels.

Advancing The Energy Transition Requires An Honest Discussion Of Costs, Outages And Land, Analysts Say

EI’s Eric Gimon says reliability with high renewables penetrations will also be threatened without more resource flexibility and more resource locational and technological diversity.

Natural Gas Prices Are Rising. Here’s Why That Helps the Cleanest (and Dirtiest) Electricity Sources

EI’s Eric Gimon says wind farms and solar arrays can gain from higher gas prices if they are selling some of their output at market prices, but most of them are selling power at predetermined prices to utilities, corporations, or other buyers.