Replacing U.S. Coal Plants With Solar And Wind Is Cheaper Than Running Them

EI’s Michelle Solomon and Mike O’Boyle explain it’s cheaper to build new local wind, solar, and storage than it is to continue running 209 of the remaining 210 coal plants in the U.S.

All U.S. Coal Plants Except 1 Are Less Economical Than Wind, Solar– Researchers

EI’s Michelle Solomon and Eric Gimon explain that siting new renewables near former coal plants could speed up the clean energy transition by eliminating transmission bottlenecks.

99 Percent Of U.S. Coal Plants Are More Expensive Than New Renewables Would Be: Report

EI research finds only one operating coal plant in the U.S. is cheaper to run than building new wind, solar, and storage projects.

Heat Pumps: Energy-Efficient And Running Off Electricity, Denver Wants To Make Them More Affordable Too

EI’s Dan Esposito explains how his heat pump kept his home 70 degrees while using no natural gas during Denver’s coldest day in decades.

Report: Duke Energy’s N.C. Coal Plants More Expensive To Run Than Building New Solar Farms

EI’s Mike O’Boyle explains most of the U.S. coal fleet is uneconomic compared to renewables by a large margin.

New Wind And Solar Are Cheaper Than The Costs To Operate All But One Coal-Fired Power Plant In The United States

EI’s Michelle Solomon and Eric Gimon explain there has been a huge acceleration of coal’s declining economics in the last few months due to the Inflation Reduction Act.

U.S. Renewable Energy Farms Outstrip 99% Of Coal Plants Economically– Study

EI’s Michelle Solomon explains wind and solar prices have fallen so far that combined with Inflation Reduction Act incentives, only one U.S. coal plants is still economic compared to renewables.

Fact-Checking Three Claims About The GOP Oil Bill And White House Response

After leaving the White House, where she played a key role in passing the Inflation Reduction Act, Sonia Aggarwal is returning to Energy Innovation as the organization’s new CEO.

Granholm Ecstatic At Red State Surge In Renewable Energy: ‘That Is Fantastic’

EI’s Robbie Orvis explains the Inflation Reduction Act will drive new investment decisions in domestic clean energy manufacturing.

Renewables Projected To Soon Be One-Fourth Of Electricity Generation. Really Soon

EI’s Eric Gimon explains Energy Information Administration forecasts showing significant upticks in renewables really matters given how conservative the organization has typically been.