Six Issues To Watch As Climate Law Remakes The Energy Sector

EI’s Dan Esposito discusses how the IRA has accelerated the relevance of mainstream hydrogen use by decades.

Utilities Say EPA Power Plant Rule Isn’t Ready

EI’s Mike O’Boyle discusses how political division stands in the way of a reliable decarbonized utilities transition, as the U.S. has the technology and skill to make it happen.

State Of The State: Mid-Year 2023: Energy Officials Highlight Positive Outlook, Price Stability

EI’s research indicates that the IRA’s clean energy tax credits can boost clean energy deployment and electric vehicle sales.

Electric Vehicles Vs. Gas-Powered Cars: Which One Is Cheaper To Buy And Own?

EI’s EV fill-up tool found that every Electric Vehicle model in every state is cheaper to fill than a gas-powered vehicle.

Calculating The True Cost Of Charging An Electric Car

In all 50 states, it is cheaper to fill up an electric vehicle than a gasoline-fueled vehicle according to EI’s EV fill up research.

Biden Promotes His Climate Policy On His Trip To American Southwest

EI’s Jack Conness notes that the IRA has funneled billions of dollars into American clean energy projects, and has resulted in $75 billion new manufacturing investments announced.

Biden Travels To Arizona And New Mexico To Promote His Climate Policy.

EI’s Jack Conness weighs in on the Biden Administration’s climate policy which has allocated some $110 billion dollars toward clean energy projects.

Is It Cheaper To Refuel Your EV Battery Or Gas Tank? We Did The Math In All 50 States.

EI’s Electric Vehicle (EV) fill up tool is used to find that it is cheaper in all 50 states to refuel an EV.

Biden Promotes His Climate Policy On His Trip To American Southwest

EI’s Jack Conness discusses the $75 billion new investments in manufacturing as part of the Biden Administration’s climate policy.

Biden To Tout Climate Policy In Visit To Baking US Southwest

EI’s Jack Conness discusses the impact of the IRA as about $75 billion in new manufacturing investments have been announced.