As Feds Look To Cut Red Tape, More Local Governments Are Curbing Wind And Solar

EI’s research on the potential of offshore wind shows that offshore turbines could provide as much as one-quarter of U.S. electricity needs by 2050.

Best Of Times, Worst Of Times For Offshore Wind

Offshore wind has a lot of potential, but in order for Americans to maximize 100 gigawatts of offshore wind by 2035 the industry and policies must change.

Despite Headwinds, U.S. Offshore Wind Is Poised For A Breakout

Although offshore wind has the potential to provide up to 25% of total U.S. electricity generation by 2050, the transmission system and policies will need to change to accommodate the growth.

Editorial: New Energy Rule Will Expedite The Transition Away From Fossil Fuels

EI research found that the IRA drove $250 billion of investment since it was passed, spurring growth in the clean energy sector.

How Offshore Wind Can Supply 25% Of U.S. Electricity By 2050

EI’s Mike O’Boyle discusses how American offshore wind potential is being slowed by inefficient political leadership rather than technical inability.

Offshore Wind Could Supply 25% Of U.S. Power By 2050 – Study

Offshore wind has the potential to supply 25% of U.S. energy needs by 2050 if development is invested in now.

Offshore Wind’s Split-Screen Effect

New research from EI finds that the U.S. needs to expand opportunities in offshore wind production if they want a secure and decarbonized grid.

California Urged To Accelerate Offshore Wind Development To Tackle Climate Crisis And Boost Economy

New research reveals that if California implements smart state and federal policies, they could install offshore wind farms that would create over 100 gigawatts of electricity

Offshore Wind Potential In The U.S. Is Huge But Untapped

Offshore wind has the potential to generate up to a quarter of American electricity by 2050 and diversify the energy supply.

New Reports Make Shocking Reveal About America’s Coal-Fueled Power Plants – A Record-Setting Change Is The Culprit

EI’s Coal Cost Crossover 3.0 found that it is cheaper to replace 99% of U.S. coal-fueled plants with renewable energy options.