Biden Just Announced The Most Significant Regulation Of Carbon Emissions In US History

EI’s Sara Baldwin says now that Biden has announced cleaner car standards, it’s time for Congress to act to adopt more robust incentives to support the all-electric vehicle future.

One Policy That Could Challenge A Century Of Fossil-Fuel Dominance

EI research found the reductions in air pollution under a clean electricity standard would also translate to the equivalent of $1.7 trillion in benefits from reduced health care costs, economic productivity, and lives saved.

Colorado’s Aggressive Clean-Energy Policy Will Grow The Economy

EI research with RMI shows if Colorado adopted even stronger climate policies, the state’s economy would add 36,000 jobs and gain an additional $7.5 billion every year by 2050.

Democrats Hope To Pass A Clean Energy Standard That Will Force Utilities To Go Green

EI research found that achieving an 80 percent clean electricity grid by 2030 is technologically feasible without having to raise utility costs, and that popularizing clean energy would save $1.7 trillion in health and environmental costs, and avoid 93,000 premature deaths.

Payments Or Fines: How Dems’ CES Would Affect Utilities

EI’s Robbie Orvis says decarbonizing the electricity sector is the key to decarbonizing the whole economy because so much of the economy needs to be electrified to cut emissions, and getting into place a technology-neutral standard that can significantly cut emissions in a short time frame is really important.

New England And The South Shoulder The Nation’s Highest Energy Costs, WalletHub Survey Finds

EI’s Mike O’Boyle says utilities in states with the highest costs now face increasing competition from distributed energy resources as the cost of solar energy and battery storage steadily declines.

Gas Industry Fuels A Legislative Campaign To Keep Its Fires Burning

EI’s Bruce Nilles says the gas industry has wielded enormous power and influence for decades and is now facing an existential threat. As coal disappears, they know they are next.

The Era Of Polluting The Atmosphere For Free Is Coming To A Close

EI’s Chris Busch says the political liabilities of a carbon tax are clear, and if there is too much of a price shock there is push back, but if changes are incremental enough people have time to adjust.

Cities Try To Phase Out Gas Stoves—But Cooks Are Pushing Back

EI’s Sara Baldwin says eventually buildings will need to be fully electrified, including stovetops, to meet ambitious emissions-reduction goals, presenting an existential threat to the gas industry.

Report Projects Major Health, Air Quality Benefits From US Clean Power Standard

EI report analyzing seven recent studies on a potential CES found that several concluded wholesale power prices would decline by 2030 under such a policy while clean energy jobs and investment would surge.