Climate Group Nominates HFC Mitigation Leaders For Awards

EI’s Hal Harvey is mentioned in an article highlighting UN nominees for an award on their work mitigating HFC emission pollutants.

Trump Administration Coal Emissions Rollback Bad Business

EI’s Robbie Orvis discusses the economic and environmental impacts of the Trump Administration’s clean cars rollback in an article assessing the overall harm of Trump’s regulatory rollbacks.

New State Report On Climate Change With Hal Harvey

EI’s Hal Harvey discusses a new report on potential California climate change impacts and how clean energy policy can help reduce these concerns.

Ohio PUC Details Utility Reform Roadmap In PowerForward Initiative

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal is quoted in an article discussing proposed utility reforms in Ohio after the state PUC’s PowerForward initiative.

What’s The Plan?

EI’s research note suggesting billions in coal and nuclear bailouts proposed by the Trump Administration be redirected toward community redevelopment is cited in a news roundup.

Hip New E-Scooters Drive Cities Into ‘Freakout Mode’

EI’s Hal Harvey is quoted in an article discussing how the rapid spread of e-scooters in U.S. cities creates concerns for local officials.

Strategic Philanthropy Reconsidered

The second edition of EI CEO Hal Harvey’s book Money Well Spent is reviewed in the Fall 2018 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review.

What If Mother Nature Is On The Ballot In 2020?

EI CEO Hal Harvey’s “Four Zeros” climate proposal is cited in an article discussing why Democrats should run on climate action in the 2020 presidential election.

Ford’s Energy Plan Could Be More Pain Than Gain

A recent EI article analyzing Ontario’s climate rollback is the basis of a column discussing its economic outlook after Premier Ford’s energy plan.

Offshore Wind Is Getting Cheaper. Oh, And Much Sooner Than Expected

EI’s Mike O’Boyle is quoted in an article discussing the rapid cost reductions of offshore wind and rising deployment of turbines off the United States’ East Coast.