America’s Green Industrial Strategy 2.0

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal explains what’s new about the Biden administration’s green industrial strategy compared to the one pursued during the Obama years.

The Nuclear-Hydrogen Conundrum

EI’s Dan Esposito explains if hydrogen tax credits aren’t designed correctly, it could result in nuclear reactors diverting carbon-free electricity from the grid to produce hydrogen, with fossil fuel plants running more to fill the gap.

How To Understand The U.S. Battle Over Hydrogen Tax Credits

EI’s Dan Esposito explains using existing renewables to produce green hydrogen could draw that clean energy away from the grid and actually increase fossil fuel use.

EPA Won’t Require Carbon Capture At All Power Plants– Sources

EI’s Mike O’Boyle explains utilities will have options to meet new emissions standards beyond using carbon capture and storage, which makes sense since there’s little track record of that technology being used in the U.S. today.

Green Hydrogen Production Can Be Profitable In Much Of The U.S.

EI research finds green hydrogen can be economically produced in parts of the country with strong wind and solar resources.

Electric Vehicles Could Make Up 66 Percent Of New Car Sales By 2035 With California’s Lead

EI research finds if other states adopted California’s latest Advanced Clean Cars II rule it would create major economic, public health, and climate benefits.

More Than 100 NJ Health Professionals Urge Faster Adoption Of Advanced Clean Cars II Rule

EI research finds if other states adopted California’s latest clean cars rule it would result in major economic, public health and climate benefits.

Despite Push For Renewable Electricity, Coal Habit Proves Hard To Break

EI’s Michelle Solomon explains there are a lot of barriers in the switch from coal to renewables, including who bears the cost of closing functioning coal plants early.

The Race To Net Zero: Will EVs Get Us There Fast Enough?

EI’s Sara Baldwin explains the barriers that need to be overcome to speed EV adoption fast enough to align with our climate goals.

U.S. aims for electric-car revolution — will it work?

EI’s Robbie Orvis says new EPA tailpipe emission rules create a much stronger investment climate for electric vehicle manufacturers in the U.S.