Offshore Wind In 2022: Billions In Bids And New Confidence

EI’s Michelle Solomon explains inflation and economic instability could imperil U.S. offshore wind progress.

Heading Into 2023, The Inflation Reduction Act Is Bringing ‘A Lot Of Confidence’ To The Renewables Industry

EI’s Robbie Orvis explains the incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act will grow U.S. manufacturing jobs as companies make decisions based on the new policy.

Gas For Coal? Debate Rages On As Electric Companies Invest

EI’s Mike O’Boyle explains that while natural gas is a better alternative than coal from a greenhouse gas emissions standpoint, building new gas plants is still likely incompatible with reaching U.S. climate goals.

‘Proceed With Caution:’ Key Takeaways From California’s First Offshore Wind Energy Auction

EI’s Michelle Solomon explains that offshore wind prospects in California are promising, although more work is needed to get the industry up and running than its further-developed East Coast counterpart.

Nuclear Fusion Will Be A Gamechanger– In The Future. Wind and Solar Are Critical Right Now

EI’s Eric Gimon explains it could be decades before nuclear fusion is commercialized, so we need to keep cleaning the electric grid using wind and solar now.

Dems Will Flex Climate Muscle After Big Wins In Mich., Minn.

EI’s Sara Baldwin and Mike O’Boyle explain the Inflation Reduction Act will help states like Michigan and Minnesota clean their electric grids while lessening the impact of inflation on households.

Scientists Achieve Major Advance In Fusion Energy That Could Provide Clean, Carbon-Free Power

EI’s Eric Gimon and Mike O’Boyle explain that new advances in fusion energy mean the technology is still far-off and we need to continue adding more renewable energy to the grid today to meet our climate targets.

What The Climate Law Won’t Achiev

EI analysis finds the U.S. can still meet its Paris Agreement targets by instituting new policies at the state and federal levels, which would also boost the economy, create jobs, and improve public health.

U.S. Climate Goals A ‘Heavy Lift”– Analysis

EI’s Robbie Orvis explains that even with the Inflation Reduction Act now law, more ambitious policies are needed at the state and federal level to meet the country’s Paris Agreement climate targets.

What Does A Split U.S. Congress Mean For The Energy Transition?

EI’s Robbie Orvis explains what it means for energy policy now that Republicans hold the U.S. House of Representatives.