Joe Biden’s About to Floor It To A Green Future — Straight Into State Speed Traps

EI’s Mike O’Boyle says a federal clean energy standard provides the incentive to investors and developers to scale up renewable resources, which we need to do much faster to achieve a safe climate future.

A Healthy China-U.S. Race On Environmental Protection Is Welcome

EI’s CEO Hal Harvey explains why China and the U.S. have an opportunity to collaborate on pathways to zero carbon buildings, industry, and transportation, and how to achieve carbon neutrality through international cooperation.

The 7 Things Biden Should Do First To Tackle Climate Change

EI’s Sara Baldwin says accelerating emissions reductions and setting interim goals will be critical to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Competition Can Unlock The U.S. Clean Energy Economy

EI report finds extending wholesale markets in the Southeast could deliver cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable electricity across the region, reducing customer bills by 23 percent and slashing emissions by 37 percent, while creating at least 285,000 new jobs by 2040.

Meet The ‘Hydrogen Home’: Is It Key To A 100% Clean Grid?

EI’s Jeff Rissman says because electrolyzers are expensive, and there needs to be more research and development to drive down their costs to get wider deployment, it makes more sense to prioritize green hydrogen use for industrial sectors as well as shipping and aviation, rather than buildings.

Renewables could beat coal even in West Virginia, report says

EI’s coal cost crossover report is cited in an article outlining how renewable energy is cheaper than coal in West Virginia.

Electric Vehicles And The Power Grid: Roadmaps From California And New York

EI’s Amanda Myers says vehicle-grid integration includes everything from managed charging and demand response to V2G and bidirectional charging, but underscoring it all is the need to accelerate electric vehicle adoption and charging build-out.

Southeastern Utilities Launch Plan For Regional Energy-Trading Market

EI research found an integrated wholesale market could yield $384 billion in economic savings and drive the development of 131 gigawatts of clean energy resources by 2040, while significantly reducing the amount of redundant capacity resources utilities will need to build.

Report suggests West Virginia must embrace renewable energy for economic growth

EI analysis on the coal cost crossover is cited in an article discussing how improving renewable energy economics could save consumers money in West Virginia.

‘Clean Products Standard’: A key To 100% Clean Energy?

EI’s Jeff Rissman says a technology-neutral clean products standard that allows companies to find innovative ways to produce a given material can maximize flexibility, and lead to investments in research and development that help the U.S. remain a technology leader.