Life Under the Shadow of a Coal-Fired Power Plant

A deep dive into a Pakistan coal plant’s effects on its surroundings references EI’s coal cost crossover work and the global shift to cleaner resources.

Battery prices are crashing. That’s good news.

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal explains how falling battery prices will make the technology cost effective for new applications on NPR’s Marketplace podcast.

Top 5: The Decarbonization Edition

EI’s path to net zero transportation is listed as one of the top 5 recent developments in vehicle decarbonization trends.

Murray Energy bankruptcy renews fears about Ohio’s mine reclamation fund

EI’s Coal Cost Crossover findings are cited in coverage of Murray Energy’s bankruptcy and concerns that Ohio’s mine reclamation is inadequately funded.

This Is How The U.S. Gets To Zero Carbon Emissions By 2050

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal outlines decarbonization policy in an article highlighting EI’s policy pathway to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Bill Gates-Backed Startup Claims Solar ‘Breakthrough.’ Is It?

EI’s Jeffrey Rissman discusses industrial decarbonization in an article discussing a concentrating solar “breakthrough” technology with industrial uses.

Trump Administration Guts Transit Funding. That’s Bad For Cities And The Planet

EI’s net zero emissions by 2050 policy pathway is cited in an article criticizing Trump administration cuts to public transit funding programs.

Cap And Trade Is Supposed to Solve Climate Change, But Oil And Gas Company Emissions Are Up

EI research into California emissions reductions is cited in an article discussing how oil and gas emissions rose under the state’s cap and trade program.

Cutting Carbon In Homes: ‘It Is A Head Change For People’

EI research into reducing building emissions is cited in an article evaluating 2020 presidential candidate plans for cutting carbon in homes.

Candidates Are Finally Talking About Climate Change, But They’re Asking All The Wrong Questions

EI’s Robbie Orvis says restorative policies can’t get to net zero emissions without carbon mitigation strategies in an article discussing 2020 candidate climate change plans.