How Some Countries Are Solving Climate Change

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal discusses decarbonization policies working around the world on a podcast discussing climate change action.

The Bankruptcy Felt Around The Clean Energy World

APP expert Ron Lehr is quoted in an article discussing the clean energy implications of California utility PG&E’s bankruptcy filing due to wildfire damages.

Unpacking The GND’s Renewables Goal

An editorial from EI’s Robbie Orvis detailing policies enabling 100% renewables through the Green New Deal is mentioned in a daily news summary.

Optimistic Readings On Climate Change Strategies

Practical Implications Of PG&E’s Bankruptcy For Solar & Storage

EI research is cited in an article examining potential implications of a PG&E bankruptcy for solar plus storage developers.

PG&E Bankruptcy Unlikely To Greatly Alter WCI Emissions, Experts Say

EI’s Chris Busch is quoted in an article analyzing potential risks to the linked California-Quebec carbon market from PG&E’s bankruptcy.

SEPA Reports Envision Five Future Business Models For Investor-Owned Utilities

EI’s Mike O’Boyle is quoted in an article discussing reports outlining five future business models for investor-owned utilities.

Colo. Lawmaker Proposes Low-Cost Bonds To Make Retiring Coal Plants Easier

EI’s Eric Gimon is quoted in an article discussing Colorado legislation that would issue low-cost bonds to help utilities retire uneconomic coal.

PUC Order Keeps Minnesota Ahead Of The Curve On Performance-Based Rates

An EI analysis of states leading the U.S. in performance-based regulation is cited in an article discussing Minnesota’s new regulatory proposal.

The 2 Degree Solution

EI’s book Designing Climate Solutions’ outline for how policies can keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius is reviewed in an article.