Senate’s Proposed Clean Energy Standard Is A Major Win For Health

EI’s Sarah Spengeman explains why a national clean electricity standard would significantly reduce toxic air pollution that harms health and save thousands of lives, while also revitalizing pollution-burdened communities.

Americans Should Have Their Trucks And Save The Climate Too

EI’s Sara Baldwin explains how smart policy can accelerate the EV transition, make electric vehicles as convenient and affordable as their gas counterparts, and ensure EVs are powered with clean electricity.

Before Another Deadly Summer, Congress Must Act To Address The Rising Costs Of Climate Change

EI’s Sarah Spengeman says a national clean electricity standard would invest in the infrastructure we need to rapidly cut harmful fossil fuel emissions and protect our health, while also creating jobs and addressing longstanding injustices.

Why The American Jobs Plan Would Benefit Coal-Heavy Utility Stocks

EI’s Mike O’Boyle explains new analysis from Morgan Stanley demonstrating why coal-heavy utilities have the most to gain from supporting a national clean electricity standard and may even have a fiduciary duty to support federal clean electricity mandates, if it means higher returns.

We Need Mitt Romney’s Help To Clean Utah’s Air

EI’s Sara Baldwin says prioritizing clean homes, transportation, and electricity will benefit Utahns where they live and put America on the path to economic recovery and a healthier future.

Without The American Jobs Plan, Clean Energy Jobs Will Go To China And Europe

EI’s Mike O’Boyle says to succeed in the global economy and create good-paying clean energy jobs in the United States, we must pass significantly more support for clean energy industries as laid out in President Biden’s American Jobs Plan.

Biden’s Proposed Investments in America’s Homes Are a No-Brainer for Economic Recovery, Public Health and Climate Stability

EI’s Sara Baldwin explains why the American Jobs Plan’s proposed $213 billion investment to build and retrofit 2 million affordable and sustainable places to live, including building 1 million new electrified homes, would put Americans to work and curb rising utility bills for consumers, while also making homes more comfortable and reducing harmful pollution.

Biden’s American Jobs Plan Would Supercharge Our Grid Via Hundreds Of Thousands Of Jobs, Billions In Savings, And Increased Reliability Against Extreme Weather

EI’s Eric Gimon explains how the American Jobs Plan’s investments in inter-regional electric transmission would position the U.S. for success in the 21st century, create hundreds of thousands of jobs for the folks that build it, while providing cheaper, cleaner electricity, and bolstering electricity system reliability.

The Surprising Affordability Of Used Electric Vehicles Shows How California Climate Policies Can Fight Inequity

EI’s Chris Busch explains new research finding the total cost of ownership of used electric vehicles is less expensive than the total cost of ownership of a similar used gas car and how California can leverage this surprising affordability to achieve multiple economic, public health, climate, and equity goals.

Plummeting Wind, Solar, And Battery Costs Now Enable An 80% Clean Electricity System By 2030

EI’s Dan Esposito and Mike O’Boyle explain why an 80 percent by 2030 clean electricity standard would stimulate $1.5 trillion in new investment broadly distributed across every region of the United States, while dramatically improving air quality and public health, and without raising electricity rates or compromising reliability.