Commentary: Oregon Must Take Action To Stay In The Race To Cut Emissions

EI’s Shelley Wenzel explains Oregon has long been a climate leader, but now is not the time for policymakers to rest on their laurels if the state is meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Renewable Energy Lessons From European Communities

EI’s Hadley Tallackson explains that by creating structures for marginalized communities to generate their own renewable electricity, community-driven programs like RECs improve energy justice, but they need careful design to not worsen inequities.

California Can Reliably Hit 85% Clean Energy By 2030 Without Risking Any Outages– En Route To A 100% Clean Grid

EI’s Eric Gimon explains California’s grid can get more reliable the cleaner it gets, but policymakers need to take continued action to make it happen.

Reliably Hitting 85% Clean Electricity Has Huge Implications For California– And The Rest Of The Country

EI’s Dan Esposito explains that California can set an example for other states with ambitious climate targets by cleaning its grid while reliably keeping the lights on.

Did California Actually Hit 97% Renewables In April? Yes And No

EI’s Mike O’Boyle explains that while California hit a significant milestone on an April day, much works remains for the state to reach its 100% clean energy target.

The $150 Billion Road Electric School Buses Can Ride To Create American Jobs And Protect Kids’ Health

EI’s Sarah Spengeman explains electrifying our school bus fleet is worth billions to American manufacturing and can help prevent childhood asthma while supporting brain development.

China’s Emission Trading System Will Be The World’s Biggest Climate Policy. Here’s What Comes Next

EI’s Chris Busch explains that as the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, the success or failure of China’s emission trading system will help determine the future of climate change.

Congress Is At A Fork In The Road: Fuel Dictators And Climate Change, Or Help Americans Drive Electric

EI’s Anand Gopal explains that passing the electric vehicle provisions Congress is currently considering would help end our dependence on volatile foreign oil supplies and protect consumers from oil price spikes over the long-term.

Climate Science And Financial Risk: Forging A Path To More Climate-Resilient Businesses

EI’s Lana Vali explains that investors are keen to predict and better prepare for future climate-change risks. Yet, to reduce damages caused by climate impacts and make fully informed policy and financial decisions, they need to accurately value those risks.

Keeping The Momentum Towards Colorado’s Emissions Targets

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains that Colorado is off to a strong start in setting strong climate targets, but more work is needed to ensure the state doesn’t fall behind.