How The Green New Deal’s 100% Renewable Energy Goal Could Be Achieved

EI’s Robbie Orvis outlines how the Green New Deal’s 100% renewable energy goal could be achieved with a handful of key policies.

Closing Colorado Coal Would Save $2.5 Billion. A New Proposal Could Unlock The Coal-To-Clean Shift.

EI’s Silvio Marcacci says retiring Colorado coal plants could save $2.5 billion and a proposal in the state legislature could generate private investment to help utilities close plants while funding economic transition.

Climate Triage: Swift Action Is Required To Save Humanity from Dangerous Global Warming

EI’s Robbie Orvis says we’re in a state of “climate triage” where policymakers must assume the role of an ER doctor to prevent dangerous global warming.

Oregon Poised To Ride “Green” Wave For Climate Action

EI’s Hal Harvey says Oregon can ride a national “green wave” of voter sentiment to a zero-carbon economy through statewide carbon pricing and four policies.

Four U.S. Electric Vehicle Trends To Watch In 2019

EI’s Amanda Myers says four major trends will determine if the U.S. electric vehicle market accelerates or hits a roadblock in 2019.

Poland’s Coal Addiction: Changing Its Energy Plan Could Cut Emissions 40%, Save $19 Billion Annually

EI’s Megan Mahajan outlines how shifting from coal to clean energy could cut Poland’s emissions 40% and save $19 billion annually by 2050.

Record-Breaking $405 Million Auction Proves Offshore Wind Is The Rare Bipartisan Success Story

EI’s Silvio Marcacci writes that a record-breaking offshore wind auction proves it is America’s biggest bipartisan success story.

For Our Children And Grandchildren, Congress Must Support A Green Infrastructure Plan

Former EPA official Margo Oge says Congress must support a green infrastructure plan in order to prepare for a warming world.

From Coal To Clean: How Utilities Can Manage The Inevitable Financial Transition

Former Colorado PUC Chair Ron Lehr outlines how utilities can profitably manage the financial transition from coal to clean being driven by fast-falling clean energy prices.

Steel For Fuel: How Utilities Can Replace Fossil Fuel Expenses With Renewables Earning Potential

EI’s Mike O’Boyle outlines the “steel for fuel” strategy of swapping out coal for renewables while hitting the sweet spot on risk, return, and scale for utility customers and investors.