America Is On The Doorstep Of An Industrial Transformation. Here’s How To Make It Happen

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal explains that technology and federal funding has positioned American industry to cut emissions, create good paying jobs, and improve national security.

Electrifying China’s Industry Is Critical To Meeting Climate Goals

Industry is the largest emitting sector in China, the world’s largest emitting country. Heat pumps and thermal batteries could cut pollution and costs.

The Vibes Lie: Electric Vehicles Accelerate Toward 50% Of Global Sales

Don’t believe the media hype: New data shows global EV sales are on track to hit 50% of total vehicle sales by 2035.

12 Red And Blue States Tap Billions In Federal Funds For Home Energy Upgrades

EI’s Sara Baldwin explains how nearly $9 billion in federal funds is starting to pour into red and blue states for home energy improvements.

Hydrogen Could Clean Up Iron, Steel, And Chemicals – If It’s Truly Clean

EI’s Dan Esposito and Nik Sawe explain how clean hydrogen could be the solution to some of industry’s biggest emissions challenges, but only if judiciously produced and used. If not, it could delay or reverse progress on cleaning our economy.

Reconductoring Could Help Solve America’s Grid Problem

EI’s Michelle Solomon explains how advanced conductors can up to double transmission capacity on existing lines in a matter of months.

2024 Could Be The Year For American Lithium

EI’s Jack Conness discusses how a booming U.S. demand for lithium could spur the development of a domestic supply chain to fuel clean energy economic growth and boost national security.

Regulators: Don’t Panic And Rush To Gas Amid Cries We’re Out Of Power

EI’s Mike O’Boyle and Eric Gimon suggest that regulators consider building renewables closer to where demand is generated and increasing storage, rather than rushing to gas.

Reconductoring Could Help Solve America’s Looming Grid Crisis

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains that the U.S. must expand and strengthen the grid, and reconductoring transmission lines with advanced conductors can be the solution.

Four Surprising Economic Benefits From EPA’s Heavy-Duty Vehicle Pollution Standards

EI’s Chris Busch explains how the recent EPA standards to cut air pollution from heavy-duty vehicles will pave the way for cheaper goods, increased domestic manufacturing, and job growth.