Infrastructure Bill Could Be Strongest-Ever U.S. Climate Action– If Congress Acts

EI’s Megan Mahajan explains why the current set of climate policies in the Build Back Better Act are unprecedented in U.S. federal policy.

Opinion: Bolder Climate Goals Demand Financial and Technical Support

To ensure a safe, healthy world for generations to come, policymakers must accompany their ambitious targets with the concrete programs, technical support, and dedicated financing necessary to design and implement smart climate policy, with a keen focus on supporting major developing countries decarbonize.

Opinion: Colorado Has A Strong Vision For Electric Vehicles. It Needs Stronger Policies To Achieve That Vision

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains what’s needed to achieve Colorado’s vision for a state that runs on emission-free transport.

How Alternative Meats Could Help Save The Planet

EI’s Anand Gopal explains how policies to scale alternative meats could reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 8 metric gigatons per year and are key to achieving the Paris Agreement goals.

Megafires Push Forests To The Brink

EI’s Sarah Spengeman and AGCI’s Emily Jack-Scott explain new research showing how megafires are projected to result in the conversion of forest ecosystems and why forest management strategies must adapt to reduce the intensity of fires and better protect forests.

Biden’s Latest Climate Move Is Worth Billions: Cutting Hydrofluorocarbons Boosts U.S. Manufacturing And Exports

EI’s Silvio Marcacci writes the Biden administration’s move to phase out super-polluting hydrofluorocarbons could generate billions in new manufacturing revenue and help equalize the international trade imbalance.

Lessons From Loss: Congress, Our Climate, And This Moment Of Truth

EI’s Mary Anne Hitt says personal losses during COVID remind us of the importance of avoiding dangerous climate change by enacting policies to cut emissions and add clean energy.

With the Clean Electricity Performance Program, Hickenlooper Can Deliver Major Benefits for Colorado

EI’s Dan Esposito explains the benefits of a Clean Electricity Performance Program for Colorado, including $15 billion in new clean energy investment through 2030.

Building Electrification Could Recharge Our Economy – And Save The Climate

EI’s Sara Baldwin explains why the budget reconciliation bill Congress is now considering offers a historic opportunity to dramatically reduce emissions from our buildings, while improving home efficiency, cutting bills, and creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

More Transmission Or Local Solar? To Quickly Cut Emissions, We Need Both.

EI’s Sarah Spengeman interviews ACORE CEO Greg Wetstone to learn about the complementary roles of new transmission alongside distributed clean energy resources to accelerate grid decarbonization while boosting grid resilience.