Brown heading to China to promote climate policies

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is going to China early next month to drum up support for climate and clean energy policies as well as general trade cooperation. “We should expect to see more action this year,” said Chris Busch, research director with advisory firm Energy Innovation, who was in Beijing in March with Stanford University economist Larry Goulder. “[China’s] looking at this as an opportunity for international leadership…”

California governor wants cap-and-trade deal by June

California governor Jerry Brown (D) says there is a “very good chance” state lawmakers will pass legislation next month to extend the state’s greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program. Now is the right time for Brown to make a strong push, according to Chris Busch, research director at the clean energy advisory firm Energy Innovation.

Offset providers say new carbon-pricing bill is ‘horrific’

The carbon offset industry is reeling from a new proposal by California lawmakers that would shut them out of the state’s carbon market after 2020. “SB 775 has a more direct form of cost containment, a true price ceiling… I would argue it is a bigger matter of concern for international or out-of-state-offset developers.” Chris Busch, research director with advisory firm Energy Innovation, said in an email.

Trump: Crazy Like a Fox, or Just Crazy?

In his first 100 days, allies and adversaries saved Trump and the country from some of his most extreme, ill-considered campaign promises. As for the next 100 days, who will protect us? On the issues I care about most, I’m actually counting on California.

Senate leader proposes big changes to carbon-pricing program

Top California lawmakers moved yesterday to overhaul the state’s cap-and-trade system to send revenue back to residents as a “climate dividend.” State Sen. Bob Wieckowski (D) introduced the legislation, which would launch a new carbon-trading program in 2021.

Bill that would ease retirement of coal plants passes Colorado House but faces tougher path in Senate

A bill that would make it easier to decommission aging coal plants in the state, while also assisting rural communities hurt by any closures, won approval Monday in the Colorado House of Representatives. But support for the measure split along party lines, increasing the odds that House Bill 17-1339 will find itself stranded in the Republican-controlled Senate.

FEATURE – Carbon Climax: Crusade to extend California cap-and-trade coming to a head

Anxiety is building over whether California will be able to extend its cap-and-trade scheme beyond 2020, with observers warning that failure could severely dent efforts across North America to use markets to fight climate change.

Power Play: How gaming is changing the energy industry

The power industry has always had to visualize scenarios. Many have used simulation games as part of their training processes. But never before has gaming been positioned to have the kind of impact on the energy system as it does today.

Trump steps up war on regulations, signing climate-related order that equals 1000s of early deaths

While Trump and the other regime officials at the signing of his “Energy Independence Executive Order” made a big deal of business unfettered by federal regulations, critics of the executive order had a different take on its outcome.

Court Rules California Climate Payments Aren’t Taxes

State judges told the California Chamber of Commerce on Thursday that its members don’t have a right to pollute, rejecting claims by its attorneys that payments required to release greenhouse gases under a marquee climate program are a kind of tax. The state appeals court ruling could have profound implications for the future of the state’s embattled cap-and-trade program.