Think you’ve got good energy policy ideas? This tool lets you see if they’d work.

Energy Innovation, a San Francisco-based think tank, has created what may be the coolest tool for energy nerds I’ve ever seen. It’s called the Energy Policy Simulator, and it lets anyone see the impacts of their energy policy choices on a whole range of outputs, including US greenhouse gas emissions.

New Energy Model Pinpoints Cost-Effective US Decarbonization Strategies (VIDEO)

Thanks to San Francisco-based clean energy think tank Energy Innovation LLC, we now have a grip on the 15 most cost-effective policies for accelerating US clean energy and reaching our 2025 decarbonization targets.

7 climate change data tools and what they tell you

Emissions data, temperature data, fossil fuel extraction data: the climate debate is awash with numbers. But it can be hard to find answers in the mass of information. Here are seven tools that can help.

Shall we play a game? How about a nice game of climate change policy?

Think of it like a low-fi SimCity, except instead of municipal policy, you get to tweak nationwide approaches to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The immensely detailed Energy Policy Simulator is a digital tool that shows the impact of an astonishing variety of climate change policies.

Minecraft for Energy Wonks: This Game Puts You in Control of America’s Climate Headaches

The new Energy Policy Simulator is a responsive, thought-provoking way to understand what kind of system would reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, how much it might cost, and which individual energy policies really move the needle.

Special Report: The truth about energy storage

For as long as renewable energy has been a threat to the conventional power sector, it has been plagued by warnings that too much wind and solar would destabilise the grid. Intermittent renewable energies could never power advanced economies unless they were backed up by large-scale affordable battery storage — a technology that had always seemed a distant dream. Yet, the dream seems to suddenly be not only achievable, but imminent and inevitable.

Energy Efficiency Key to Helping States Address EPA’s New Clean Power Plan

The National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) released a working paper designed to provide states with ideas on low cost energy efficiency approaches that can help them address the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s new Clean Power Plan.

Obama’s Energy Policy Frustrates All Sides

The Obama administration is continuing to carve out a middle ground when it comes to energy policy—satisfying neither environmentalists nor the energy industry in the process. This article summarizes Obama’s energy strategy and actions (arctic drilling, methane emissions regulation, Clean Power Plan, etc.), and discusses what else the President can do to solidify his energy legacy.

Imagining a Fresh Start for the Power Grid

In early 2015, the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) announced its 51st State Challenge, which called for energy experts to submit proposals for how energy markets could be created in a 51st state with no preexisting regulations or market structure. This article discusses several of the crosscutting themes and insights from the Challenge’s top three proposals.

Blueprint Released for America’s Clean Power System

150 of America’s top energy experts today refreshed America’s Power Plan, a comprehensive policy toolkit designed to help federal and state policymakers, regulators, power market operators, as well as utility executives make smart decisions to steer the United States’ power sector transformation toward a clean, affordable, and reliable system.