Getting To Net Zero In California, For Everything

EI’s Chris Busch is quoted in an article discussing the implications of California’s net zero emissions by 2045 executive order.

Introducing HistPhil’s Forum On Money Well Spent

EI CEO Hal Harvey’s new book Money Well Spent is the subject of a forum discussion on the future of strategic philanthropy.

How Your Life Might Change If California Goes ‘Carbon Neutral’ To Fight Climate Change

EI’s Chris Busch is interviewed in an article discussing how people’s lives may change if California goes carbon neutral by 2045.

California Could Be Hit With Host Of Different Climate Change Issues

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal is interviewed in an ABC San Francisco broadcast about potential climate change impacts in California.

California’s Climate Endgame

EI’s Chris Busch is quoted in an article discussing California Governor Jerry Brown’s executive order aimed at making the state carbon neutral by 2045.

Thousands Of Cities And Counties Are Fighting Trump’s Fuel Efficiency Rollback

EI’s modeling of potential emissions impacts from the Trump’s fuel efficiency rollback is cited in an article about cities and counties suing to stop the proposal.

Up To 10 GW More Solar, 2-2.5 GW Of Batteries Coming In California

EI’s Mike O’Boyle is quoted in an article assessing potential solar and energy storage capacity additions from California’s recent clean energy legislation.

Advocates: Trump’s Coal-Friendly Power Plan Will Hurt Ohio’s Health

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal is quoted in an article outlining how Trump’s coal and nuclear bailout would harm Ohio, and exploring alternative uses for proposed subsidies.

Offshore Wind Is A Good Value For The East Coast

A Forbes article from EI’s Mike O’Boyle is quoted in an editorial rebutting claims that offshore wind is too expensive to consider for policymakers.

‘Money Well Spent: A Strategic Plan For Smart Philanthropy’ Second Edition By Paul Brest And Hal Harvey

EI CEO Hal Harvey’s new book on strategic philanthropy, “Money Well Spent,” is reviewed by Alliance Magazine.