To Build The Cities Of The Future, We Must Get Out Of Our Cars

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Climate Change Triggers “Bomb Cyclone” As Devastation Rages Across U.S. Central States

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PG&E And The Future Of U.S. Utilities

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Hungry For Green Power, Tech Giants Choose Between Utilities, Independent Developers

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The Rollback That Automakers Don’t Want

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Designing Climate Solutions – A Big-Picture View That Doesn’t Skimp On Details

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Inertia, Frequency Regulation, And The Grid

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Utility Goes Big On Energy Storage. But Will It Cut CO2?

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Total Offshore Wind Capacity Grew By A Staggering 20% In 2018

EI’s Mike O’Boyle is quoted on the declining costs of offshore wind in an article outlining industry growth in 2018.

Behind-The-Meter Energy Storage Surges Ahead Of Utility-Operated Batteries

EI’s Eric Gimon discusses how behind-the-meter energy storage can help customers reduce electricity costs and avoid utility charges.