There’s Wind In The Sales Of Off-Shore Property

EI’s Mike O’Boyle is quoted on the improving economics of offshore wind in a radio segment discussing a Massachusetts offshore lease.

As PacifiCorp And Other Analyses Point To More Coal Shutdowns, Replacement Questions Rise

EI’s Mike O’Boyle and Megan Mahajan are quoted about the implications of coal shutdowns in an article discussing energy economics.

California’s Cap-And-Trade System May Be Too Weak To Do Its Job

EI’s Chris Busch is quoted in an article discussing how implementation of California’s cap-and-trade system may prevent it from reaching state climate goals.

Designing Climate Solutions

EI’s Robbie Interview discusses the book Designing Climate Solutions in an interview about policies that can prevent dangerous climate change.

Black Hills Energy Proposes Coal Plant Purchase Amid Ongoing Closures

Analysis by EI’s Megan Mahajan is quoted in an article discussing a utility’s proposed coal plant purchase despite unfavorable economics.

Energy Policy Expert Reveals Why And How Oregon Should Do Cap And Trade

EI’s Hal Harvey discusses how Oregon should design its cap-and-trade program and outlines potential energy and economic benefits from the policy.

The Truth About These Climate Change Numbers

EI’s Hal Harvey is quoted on emissions reductions targets necessary to avoid dangerous climate change in an article discussing rising emissions in 2018.

Despite The Paris Agreement, CO2 Emissions Are Rising Again

EI’s Hal Harvey is quoted on policy solutions to reduce CO2 emissions in an article detailing data showing global emissions will rise in 2018.

PacifiCorp Shows 60% Of Its Coal Units Are Uneconomic

EI’s Mike O’Boyle is quoted in an article discussing U.S. power sector economics in light of PacifiCorp revealing 60% of its coal power plants are uneconomic.

A Four-Zero Climate Solution On Climate One

EI’s Hal Harvey says focusing on four major economic sectors can prevent dangerous climate change, as discussed in his new book Designing Climate Solutions.