How Some Countries Are Solving Climate Change

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal discusses decarbonization policies working around the world on a podcast discussing climate change action.

Unpacking The GND’s Renewables Goal

An editorial from EI’s Robbie Orvis detailing policies enabling 100% renewables through the Green New Deal is mentioned in a daily news summary.

Optimistic Readings On Climate Change Strategies

Practical Implications Of PG&E’s Bankruptcy For Solar & Storage

EI research is cited in an article examining potential implications of a PG&E bankruptcy for solar plus storage developers.

PG&E Bankruptcy Unlikely To Greatly Alter WCI Emissions, Experts Say

EI’s Chris Busch is quoted in an article analyzing potential risks to the linked California-Quebec carbon market from PG&E’s bankruptcy.

SEPA Reports Envision Five Future Business Models For Investor-Owned Utilities

EI’s Mike O’Boyle is quoted in an article discussing reports outlining five future business models for investor-owned utilities.

Colo. Lawmaker Proposes Low-Cost Bonds To Make Retiring Coal Plants Easier

EI’s Eric Gimon is quoted in an article discussing Colorado legislation that would issue low-cost bonds to help utilities retire uneconomic coal.

PUC Order Keeps Minnesota Ahead Of The Curve On Performance-Based Rates

An EI analysis of states leading the U.S. in performance-based regulation is cited in an article discussing Minnesota’s new regulatory proposal.

The 2 Degree Solution

EI’s book Designing Climate Solutions’ outline for how policies can keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius is reviewed in an article.

Steel Or Concrete? Trump’s Wall Could Bust Carbon Budgets

EI’s Jeff Rissman says the Trump Administration’s border wall would have a major emissions impact in an article analyzing the proposal’s carbon footprint.