Hydrogen Emerges As Path To Clean Steel

EI’s Jeff Rissman discusses how clean steel in manufacturing would not meaningfully affect the final cost of most vehicles in his new book Zero-Carbon Industry.

A Progress Report on the IRA Shows Electric Vehicle Adoption Is Going Well. Renewable Energy Deployment, Not So Much

EI’s Anand Gopal weighs in on the progress of EV adaptation and the missed opportunity for wind energy since the IRA was signed into law.

Here’s Where Biden’s Climate Law Is Working, And Where It’s Falling Short

Recent analysis finds that EV sales are at the upper end of EI projections, but utility-scale clean energy fell short.

Green Energy, EV Sales Are Growing Remarkably In The U.S. As Emissions Fall. Is It Enough?

EI’s Anand Gopal discusses how the U.S. energy system is changing at a rate never seen before, which has contributed to the U.S. being a leader in the clean economy.

Newsletter: Amid News Of Slowdown, Electric Car Sales Set To Keep Growing

Electric car sales made up 9.2 percent of total 2023 vehicle sales, this was near the top end of the range EI projected.

U.S. Climate Goals: EVs Are On Track, But Clean Power Is Lagging

EV sales are at the upper end of EI projections, but utility-scale clean energy is lagging.

Record US Renewable Energy Investment Not Enough To Meet Climate Goals – Report

EI research finds that the U.S. is making progress toward achieving a 40 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, but utility-scale clean energy expansion is lagging,

US Needs More Renewables To Meet IRA Emissions Goal, Report Finds

EI’s post-IRA projections forecasted that EV sales would be between 8.1 percent to 9.4 percent of sales in 2023.

First Electric Cars. Next, Electric Factories?

EI’s Jeff Rissman’s Zero-Carbon Industry, argues that green electricity is being incorporated into industry because it is cheaper and more accessible than before.

Virginia Utilities Seek Unbridled Rate Adjustments for Unproven Small Modular Nuclear Reactors in Two New Bills

EI’s Daniel O’Brien discusses the role that Small Modular Reactors (SMR) can play in decarbonizing the nation’s grid, even as energy demand expands rapidly.