Trump gutted environmental protections. How quickly can Biden restore them?

EI analysis found taking away California’s ability to set stricter pollution standards is expected to increase greenhouse gas emissions by millions of tons per year, and lead to drivers buying more than 2 billion additional barrels of petroleum a year.

California Begins To Shape Vehicle-Grid Integration Strategy, Considers Using EVs During Power Shut-offs

EI analysis indicates reaching California’s new zero-emission goal could lead to a 9 percent increase in electricity demand by 2030 — and create the critical mass of electric vehicles required to better integrate EVs as grid resources.

The ‘War On Coal’ Is Over. The Next Climate Battle Has Just Begun

EI’s Hal Harvey explains why carbon capture and storage will only play a niche role in decarbonizing the electricity sector due to cost and the limited emissions reductions it can achieve.

State Climate Action Unlikely After Democrats Fail to Flip Statehouses

EI’s Chris Busch notes that legislation is preferable to executive orders when setting state climate policy, but that California’s legislature currently has competing priorities.

San Francisco Becomes The Latest City To Ban Natural Gas In New Buildings, Citing Climate Effects

EI’s Amanda Myers says for California to meet its binding climate target of carbon neutrality by 2045, the state needs to stop constructing new buildings that use gas for heating and cooking.

Inside Clean Energy: Four Things Biden Can Do for Clean Energy Without Congress

EI’s Robbie Orvis explains why Joe Biden should pursue vehicle emissions standards to secure climate action with a Republican Senate.

The 40 Things Biden Should Do First On Climate Change

EI’s Hal Harvey says a new Biden Administration should make setting strong clean energy standards for the building and transportation sectors a top priority, with 60 percent of new car sales zero-emission by 2030 and all new buildings fossil fuel free by 2025.

Shipbuilding On The Ballot? Offshore Wind Sees An Opening

EI’s Amanda Myers says meeting Biden’s 100 percent by 2035 clean electricity target would require major investments in offshore wind.

BIG STORY: Utilities replace coal with gas, but new solar may be cheaper

EI’s Mike O’Boyle says two-thirds of energy production plants in the Southeast would be cheaper to retire now and replace with renewables when looking at energy costs. But it will take regulator pressure and policy changes to enact changes.

Election 2020: For DOE, Staffing, Renewables Spending, Transparency At Stake Nov. 3, Analysts Say

EI’s Sara Baldwin discusses how a new administration will impact the Department of Energy, noting energy efficiency and clean energy would be reprioritized to align with climate solutions.