New Renewables Outcompete 99 Percent Of Coal Plants

EI research finds nearly all U.S. coal plants could be replaced by local wind, solar, and storage while saving money in the process.

On Competitiveness With Renewables, Dry Fork Station Stands Alone, Report Finds

EI’s Michelle Solomon explains coal is barely scraping by from an economic competitiveness standpoint.

Study: Sourcing Electricity From Coal-Fired Power Plants Is More Expensive Than Replacing With Solar

EI’s Michelle Solomon explains coal plants are nearly always far more costly to run than replacing them with wind and solar.

‘No Regrets’ Approach To Big Batteries, Green Hydrogen And Grid Reliability Urgently Needed, Analysts Say

EI’s Dan Esposito explains the best decisions regulators can make are approving more clean energy and transmission while using federal incentives to test emerging technologies.

Clean Energy Is Cheaper Than Coal Across The Whole US, Study Finds

EI’s Michelle Solomon and Eric Gimon explain savings resulting from replacing existing coal plants with new renewable projects can finance a tremendous amount of battery storage.

Coal In The U.S. Is Pointlessly Expensive

EI’s Michelle Solomon explains renewable cost declines and Inflation Reduction Act incentives means coal can simply no longer compete with wind and solar on economics.

Replacing U.S. Coal Plants With Solar And Wind Is Cheaper Than Running Them

EI’s Michelle Solomon and Mike O’Boyle explain it’s cheaper to build new local wind, solar, and storage than it is to continue running 209 of the remaining 210 coal plants in the U.S.

All U.S. Coal Plants Except 1 Are Less Economical Than Wind, Solar– Researchers

EI’s Michelle Solomon and Eric Gimon explain that siting new renewables near former coal plants could speed up the clean energy transition by eliminating transmission bottlenecks.

99 Percent Of U.S. Coal Plants Are More Expensive Than New Renewables Would Be: Report

EI research finds only one operating coal plant in the U.S. is cheaper to run than building new wind, solar, and storage projects.

Heat Pumps: Energy-Efficient And Running Off Electricity, Denver Wants To Make Them More Affordable Too

EI’s Dan Esposito explains how his heat pump kept his home 70 degrees while using no natural gas during Denver’s coldest day in decades.