Hydrogen Production Guidelines Prompt Fierce Debate

EI’s Dan Esposito explains hydrogen production can actually increase greenhouse gas emissions if it’s pulling clean energy from the electric grid rather than from new clean energy projects.

How Dueling PDFs Explain A Fight Over The Future Of The Grid

EI’s Eric Gimon explains encouraging competition makes sense as we look to modernize the electric grid and save consumers money.

Biden Officials Warned EPA About Dirty Hydrogen

EI’s Dan Esposito explains hydrogen is a more useful decarbonization tool in sectors like steel production than it is for the power sector, so rules governing hydrogen for electricity production must be stringent.

Two States Are Ramping Up Clean Energy Incentives. That Was The Inflation Reduction Act’s Point

EI’s Mike O’Boyle explains that even though clean energy is now the most affordable option, state action is still often necessary to compel utilities to invest in it.

EPA: Climate Law– Not Power Plant Rules– Will Reshape Grid

EI’s Mike O’Boyle explains the Inflation Reduction Act offers utilities carrots to switch to clean energy and new EPA regulations are sticks to ensure utilities take advantage of those carrots.

Old Lumber Port Preps For New Life As California Offshore Wind Hub

EI’s Michelle Solomon explains many of the technical challenges to scaling California offshore wind have been tackled– now it’s about getting the industry up and running.

4 Energy Issues To Watch With EPA’s Power Plant Rule

EI’s Mike O’Boyle explains the Department of Treasury’s rules on the 45V hydrogen tax credit are even more important now that new EPA rules could lead to greater hydrogen usage in electricity generation.

In The Southeast, Where Big Utilities Rule, Calls For A Real Power Market Persist

EI’s Eric Gimon explains that establishing a competitive wholesale power market in the southeast would save people money, create jobs, and cut carbon pollution.

How Washington Underestimated Biden’s Big Climate Law

EI’s Anand Gopal explains the heavy interest in the Inflation Reduction Act’s battery manufacturing credit and how it’s spurring a new manufacturing industry in the Southeast.

The Problem With Green Hydrogen

EI’s Dan Esposito explains there are safety limits to how much hydrogen can be blended in natural gas pipelines, and because of that, the climate benefits of using hydrogen may be small.