Plugging Abandoned Oil Wells Is One ‘Green New Deal’ Aspect Loved By Both Republicans And Democrats

EI’s Silvio Marcacci explains a bipartisan, cost-effective strategy that creates jobs for displaced workers while stemming methane emissions.

How Much Investment Is Needed For A Clean Energy Future?

EI report shows transitioning the U.S. electricity sector to 90% clean energy by 2035 is operationally feasible, and possible without raising customer’s bills from today’s levels, but will require strong policies.

Berkeley study: 90% carbon-free electricity achievable by 2035

EI’s report detailing pathways to 90 percent clean electricity by 2035 is featured in a video with authors of the study explaining how a conversion to renewables is affordable and practical.

Energy News Network’s 2020 40 Under 40 Honorees

EI’s Vice President, Sonia Aggarwal, is recognized as a national leader for her work advancing the clean energy transformation.

Hydrogen, Carbon Capture Key To Net-Zero U.S. Electricity: Study

EI study shows five technological pathways to achieve 100 percent clean electricity in just 15 years without raising power costs.

How To Reform California’s Inadequate Resource Adequacy Regime

EI’s Eric Gimon says as solar power continues to undercut gas in price, the current planning paradigm for resource adequacy will have to change to better account for greater integration of renewables.

Legislature Poised To Study How Utilities Meet Energy Needs

EI report finds energy production competition in the Southeast would deliver 23 percent lower utility bills for customers as well as the quicker spread of renewable energy.

The US South Could Save Money By Cleaning Up Its Power Grid

EI research shows dramatic effects of opening up the South’s electricity system to greater market competition including vastly more renewable energy and batteries deployed by 2040.

NY Focused On Power Grid Reliability In Wake Of California Blackouts

EI’s Mike O’Boyle discusses the causes of recent California blackouts in an article exploring New York State’s efforts to prevent similar problems.

Competition And Clean Energy: Electricity Market Reform In The Southeast

EI’s modeling of a Southeast regional electricity market is discussed on a podcast focused on potential benefits for South Carolina.