Combining E-bikes And Bikeshares Is Urban Alchemy: A Winning Transit Solution For Cities

E-bike and bikeshare systems are an attractive option that create sustainable transportation solutions for cities, consumers, and the climate.

A Year-End Update On Electricity Policy From The Field

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal provides a list of energy policy updates from 2017 and year-ahead predictions for 2018 by a group of experts from America’s Power Plan.

The China Carbon Market Just Launched, And It’s The World’s Largest. Here’s How It Can Succeed.

EI’s Hal Harvey details how Chinese policymakers can ensure the just-launched China carbon market – the world’s largest – succeeds.

Climate Change And Global Poverty Can Only Be Solved Together

EI’s Jeff Rissman discusses how developing nations working to emulate China’s growth, developed nations must ensure global poverty and climate change are solved together.

Utilities Closed Dozens of Coal Plants In 2017. Here Are The Six Most Important.

Utilities closed dozens of coal plants for clean energy in 2017. EI’s Silvio Marcacci highlights the six most important ones.

California Wants More Than 4.2 Million Electric Vehicles By 2030. A New Plan Charts The Road Ahead.

A Landmark California Climate Program Needs A Tuneup

EI analysis of growing oversupply in California’s cap-and-trade market and policy recommendations to fix the issue is discussed in a New York Times opinion article.

The China Belt And Road Initiative Could Help – Or Hurt – Clean Energy In Emerging Economies

China’s $900 billion Belt and Road Initiative to build infrastructure and markets across 68 countries on four continents could have major implications for the future of energy across many parts of the world.

What ‘Resilience’ Means In A Clean Energy Future

The U.S. Department of Energy wants to shore up coal and nuclear power plants in the name of resilience. But what does the term even mean? EI’s Mike O’Boyle explores what resilience means for a clean energy future.

After Investing Billions, Is Illinois Grid Modernization Paying Off For Utilities And Customers?

Illinois has invested billions in energy infrastructure, and ranks 2nd in the U.S. on grid modernization, but is this effort paying off? Expanding real-time electricity pricing could save customers money, reduce demand, and ensure the state gets the most out of grid modernization.