Dan O’Brien

Modeling Analyst

Dan is a Modeling Analyst at Energy Innovation, where he conducts quantitative analysis using the firm’s in-house model, the Energy Policy Simulator, in addition to other tools. Dan works with the Modeling and Analysis team and Energy Innovation partners to design and analyze modeling scenarios, interpret the results, and share findings with partners and the public.

As a doctoral student at Georgetown University, Dan designed a flexible patch for monitoring human health and modeled the properties of soft materials used in the device. He also serves as a co-Principal Investigator on a National Science Foundation-funded physics education project studying the utility of a LiDAR-enabled smartphone application designed to improve position-based physics learning.

While in graduate school, Dan wrote for the magazine Physics World detailing research advances in sustainable materials and renewable energy and became interested in policies to drive the implementation of clean energy technologies. Dan is excited to bridge conversations between scientists, philanthropies, and policymakers to push decarbonization to the forefront of public interest.

Outside of the office, Dan is regularly found on a soccer pitch playing center back for an intramural team. Pivoting to more rugged terrain, he enjoys day hikes in Shenandoah National Park and longer international treks. He recently walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain and the West Highland Way in Scotland, and he is always looking for recommendations for the next journey!

Dan earned a B.A. in physics from the College of the Holy Cross and a Ph.D. in physics from Georgetown University.

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