2035 and Beyond: Abundant, Affordable Offshore Wind Can Accelerate Our Clean Electricity Future

The 2035 3.0 report shows that the United States has one of the world’s best offshore wind potentials, enough to power up to 5 percent in 2035 and 25 percent of America’s total power needs in 2050 with this abundant clean energy. Progress in the next decade is critical to build out the U.S. offshore wind supply chain. The right mix of policies that start today can make offshore wind a cornerstone of the transition to a zero emission economy, creating jobs, improving grid reliability, and keeping electricity affordable.


2035 Offshore Wind Policy And Technical Reports

Block Island offshore wind farm construction

Offshore wind is available across all coastal states and presents opportunities for significant economic, and employment benefits across the country. In order to seize this opportunity, robust national, regional, and state policy is needed over the course of this decade to grow the domestic supply chain, foster community engagement, and build supporting infrastructure.

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Offshore Wind 2035 Visual Feature

This data explorer empowers visual exploration of 2035 Offshore Wind report findings. Users can view a visual case studies and interactive maps detailing the economic benefits offshore wind can bring to communities throughout the country.

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Offshore Wind Domestic Manufacturing Potential

Offshore Wind Career Pathways

Offshore Wind Development Timelines