States in the Electric Vehicle Driver’s Seat

States have led the transportation electrification race for years, and are accelerating action to adopt and implement electric vehicle (EV) policies, regulations, and programs. This episode of Electrify This! explores what states are doing to support robust EV markets, build an EV supply chain, and ensure more equitable EV access. Peter Huether with the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s (ACEEE) Transportation Program will discuss the 2023 State Transportation Electrification Scorecard to show which state policy combinations have the greatest impact on the adoption of clean, all-electric cars and trucks. Nevada State Assemblyman Howard Watts will share insight into the world of state policymaking, as well as the challenges and opportunities that policymakers face when working to advance clean transportation in their states.

Guest Bios:

Peter Huether is a Senior Research Associate with the Transportation Program at ACEEE where he leads research and analysis, with a focus on light-duty fuel efficiency and electric vehicles. Peter works on promoting equitable access to electric vehicles and leads the annual life-cycle emissions analysis of light-duty vehicles for ACEEE’s He was also a lead author of the 2023 State Transportation Electrification Scorecard. Peter holds a master of science in public policy and management from the Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University and a bachelor of arts in economics and global environmental change and sustainability from Johns Hopkins University. He joined ACEEE in 2020.

Assemblyman Howard Watts of District 15 of Nevada has been serving in the Nevada Assembly since 2018 and has dedicated his career to advancing policies that preserve the environment, protect consumers, and ensure dignity for historically marginalized communities. In his time as a legislator, he has successfully passed laws to improve water conservation, fight climate change, expand voting access and civil rights, protect public lands, and promote racial equity. When he is not a legislator, Howard owns and operates a small public relations business.

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