How to Electrify Your Life: Getting Started at Home (Part 2 of 2)

What burning questions do you have about what it takes to remove fossil fuels from your home or workplace and switch to all-electric appliances and equipment? What should you know before you choose a contractor? For example, do heat pumps work in cold climates? And what is a mini-split, and is it right for my building? In part two of our how-to series, Electrify This! host Sara Baldwin speaks with residential HVAC contractor Larry Waters, founder of Electrify My Home, LLC and commercial HVAC specialist Steve Kroh, commercial manager for Shamrock Sales, Inc. Both contractors will respond to top questions from our listeners. Tune in to learn all you need to know to reduce pollution, address climate change, and plug in to the electrification movement where you live and work.


  • Larry Waters is the Founder of Electrify My Home, LLC and is a 40-year veteran of the HVAC industry. Since 1994, Larry has focused on residential Heating and Air as a service technician and sales professional and in 2014, he shifted his focus to high-efficiency heat pump installations to replace gas. He has designed and installed over 400 electrification projects in the greater Bay area of California. Larry serves as an advisory board member of Gridworx and the Building Decarbonization Coalition. Larry is also a Building Performance Institute certified building analyst and earned a 2021 Eco leader award from Green builder magazine.
  • Steve Kroh is Commercial Quotations Manager for Shamrock Sales Inc. a Manufacturers Rep firm in Denver, Colorado specializing in boilers, water heaters, pumps, expansion tanks, and controls for the Hydronic heating Industry. He has 25 years of experience in the field, and works with customers in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana.

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