Initiative Strategy Director, Climate Imperative Project

We are working with The 360 Group to lead the candidate search for this position. All inquiries and questions should be directed to them via the information below.

Location: Flexible
Reports to: Executive Director, Climate Imperative

Climate Imperative, a new flagship project of Energy Innovation, is driving to win the most important climate policy decisions. Each Climate Imperative policy initiative aims to save at least three billion tons of CO2e cumulatively by 2050. For each initiative, Climate Imperative is building and strengthening a talented, proven team, and backing it up with whatever is needed to win: world-class technical advice, direct support for decision-makers, targeted communications, and/or public support. The decisions targeted by Climate Imperative represent the largest near-term carbon abatement opportunities around the world.

Position Responsibilities: The Initiative Strategy Director will serve on the Climate Imperative leadership team and develop, and in some cases manage, new initiatives across the major emitting geographies, working in concert with other members of the Climate Imperative team. The Initiative Strategy Director will report to the Executive Director of Climate Imperative.

Specifically, the Initiative Strategy Director will:

  • Help identify top policy targets that fit the mission of Climate Imperative.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the decision-making venues and the intervention points, and share that understanding with Climate Imperative’s partners.
  • For each proposed initiative consult with relevant experts to build a clear, concise, and metric-driven campaign strategy to drive success.
  • Identify the key NGOs and partner organizations who can run the strategy.
  • Develop packages of grants to implement the strategy.
  • Ensure that social justice and equity are reflected in the design, implementation  and partners of the initiative.
  • Track progress, repair problems, expand or contract or shut down as necessary.
  • Keep partners (NGOs, funders, re-granters, key officials, top experts) happy and connected to and supportive of the project.
  • Report, without coloration, on progress and stalls.
  • Launch new initiatives, including identifying potential Initiative Director candidates as needed.
  • Serve as the primary manager for one or more initiatives where the Initiative Director is located within a grantee organization.
  • Serve as a sounding board and resource for other Initiative Directors.
  • Understand the social, economic, institutional, and other forces that could drive or inhibit smart climate and energy policy.
  • Possess, and continually enhance, a keen understanding of which policies, worldwide, can deliver the most carbon abatement; this will include partnering with a small analytics team to ensure substantiated data and trends drive the work.
  • Track progress, and submit quarterly reports on progress, obstacles, and strategies.
  • Present this information to the leadership of Energy Innovation.
  • Meet with funders to present the strategy, work, and results.

Profile of the Successful Candidate: Energy Innovation seeks a skilled, creative and innovative climate change professional with well-honed strategic campaign skills to serve as Initiative Strategy Director. The successful candidate will have strong leadership skills, effective writing abilities, and a disposition toward finding and driving solutions in a complicated arena.

More specifically, Energy Innovation seeks a professional with the following attributes:

  • Undergraduate degree in one or more environmental policy-related fields, including public policy, environmental management, environmental science, international relations, sustainability, law, or sustainable finance; graduate degree strongly preferred.
  • Seven or more years of work experience leading successful campaigns to achieve policy change.
  • Keen sense of what it takes to make change in various venues.
  • Deep interest, passion, and commitment to reducing climate change; solid understanding of what is at stake combined with the boldness to tackle some of the most complex challenges facing humanity.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Self-motivated and entrepreneurial, but able to work well on a team.
  • Eager to take on a wide variety of tasks.
  • Willingness and ability to travel.

The selected candidate will also demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Team player, with a commitment to working in a diverse team, respecting cultural sensitivity and differences.
  • Promptly resolves problems through timely consultation in an environment of mutual respect.
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize and be flexible in a fast-paced, constantly evolving and collaborative environment.
  • Collegial approach, excellent interpersonal skills, and a sense of humor.
  • Innate collaborator; open to input.
  • Ability to understand the intersections of climate change, social justice, and policy.
  • Lifelong learner with a great sense of humor, action-oriented and politically savvy.

Compensation: This position offers a competitive salary, and excellent benefits. We actively welcome all candidates from a wide range of backgrounds who have the skills to fulfill this role – regardless of compensation history.

To Apply: All applications are held in strict confidence. Please submit your credentials and a letter of interest through our private applicant portal to The 360 Group at:

Applications should be directed to the attention of Maureen Capitolo, Principal, or Vincent Robinson, Managing Partner. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis; earlier applicants may receive priority consideration. To be considered, The 360 Group encourages all interested candidates to submit their applications promptly, via the confidential applicant portal linked above