Oil Prices Are Dropping. So What?

Hal Harvey and 14 other leading energy thinkers offer their thoughts on how the recent drop in oil prices will affect America’s economy and policies, as well as its relationship with other countries and regions of the world.

How to Fix Beijing’s Air

This guest blog post for the Paulson Institute describes the effort China government is taking to improve its air quality as well as policy recommendations for further improvements.

California Jobs Rise With Green Energy

From energy production to passenger vehicles, California has become a global leader in pioneering clean-tech markets, as well as new financing tools to bring these innovations to market. As the state’s job growth has taken off, it has continued to…

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Clean Energy, Batteries Not Included (Op-ed)

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Microgrids: A New Power Supply Paradigm

Obama’s Clean Air Standards: An Economic Bonus?

How will Obama’s clean air standards impact the U.S. economy and environment?

The Three Policies That Can Counter Global Warming

Economic signals, performance standards, and support for R&D are all necessary policies to lead us to a clean energy future.