Trump and the Climate: His Hot Air on Warming Is Far From the Greatest Threat

President-elect Donald J. Trump has long pledged to undertake a profound policy shift on climate change from the low-carbon course President Obama made a cornerstone of his eight years in the White House. But will a President Trump noticeably affect the globe’s climate in ways that, say, a President Hillary Clinton would not have?

California, at Forefront of Climate Fight, Won’t Back Down to Trump

President-elect Donald J. Trump has packed his cabinet with nominees who dispute the science of global warming. He has signaled he will withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement. He has belittled the notion of global warming and attacked policies intended to combat it. But California, a state that has for 50 years been a leader in environmental advocacy, is about to step unto the breach.

Gates leads new venture fund amid uncertainty about federal R&D

Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates and a cadre of billionaire partners rolled out long-awaited details yesterday for how they plan to channel billions of dollars toward development of promising new low-carbon technologies.

Three Reasons Trump Doesn’t Matter To Energy Policy

The forces driving clean energy are likely to continue progressing regardless of efforts by President-elect Donald Trump to reverse them, a leading expert in energy policy said last week at Stanford University. “…We’re going to lose a lot of good stuff, but it’s not as bleak for this purpose as one might expect,” said Hal Harvey, CEO of Energy Innovation during a Nov. 28 lecture at Stanford.

China’s Mining Towns Try To Economically Transition, Attract Tourists — But Who Wants To Go There?

China is a country in transition. No longer striving to maintain its title as the “world’s factory,” China has embarked on a national program to ascend the economic value chain, focusing on innovation and the service sector to develop an economy that’s befitting of the middle-income country that it has become.

Working group report sees complications for utilities in state energy efficiency overhaul

State agencies tasked with leading on energy efficiency may face resistance from utilities if the burden of change falls too heavily on them, according to a recent working group report.

What will happen if America’s president-elect follows through on pledges to tear up environmental laws

The money governments and firms have already pumped into renewables and energy-efficiency programmes mean that progress will continue. But even if Mr Trump reneges on America’s environmental promises, others will try to stop the worst of them.

Demand for carbon allowances rebounds in latest auction

California’s latest auction of greenhouse gas permits saw improved demand, likely due to increased confidence in the state’s emissions market. “It seems like a bit of a stabilization,” said Chris Busch, director of research at the consulting firm Energy Innovation. “Hopefully, that will reverberate positively in Sacramento.”

Donald Trump, Help Heal the Planet’s Climate Change Problem

Since you’re clearly rethinking some of your extreme campaign promises, the right response for me is principled engagement. So let’s start now: Please revisit your claim that climate change is a hoax.

NYS Looks to Change Utilities’ Role in Energy Projects

An initiative wending its way through the New York State Public Service Commission could have a big impact on the relationship between energy managers and their buildings on one side and utilities on the other. Last week, a mandated report entitled “Energy Efficiency Metrics and Targets Options Report,” which was written by the Clean Energy Advisory Council, was released. The report draws heavily on work by Energy Innovation, a think tank based in San Francisco.