Analysis: Clean Power Plan repeal could cost $600B, result in 120,000 premature deaths

Repealing the Clean Power Plan would have significant impacts on the United States’ economy and the health of its citizens, according to new analysis from Energy Innovation, a clean energy think tank.

A Step-by-Step Plan for Grid Modernization in a Distributed Energy World

In a new paper, America’s Power Plan laid out a four-step process for utilities and regulators to choose their goals (clean energy and carbon reduction, fair and low prices for all, and utility-specific grid values) and then compare the cost of making smart grid upgrades versus not making them in order to achieve those goals.

In the Face of a Trump Environmental Rollback, California Stands in Defiance

As environmental standard-bearer and green technology pioneer, no other state rivals California. For decades, California has been at the forefront of U.S. environmental policies. Now, with the Trump administration poised to attack environmental and climate regulations, California is ready to play a key role in resisting Washington’s hard right turn.

California Senate leader’s new bill: 100% clean energy

Kevin de León has promised to lead the resistance to President Trump. A new bill could make good on that promise. The California Senate leader has introduced legislation that would require the Golden State to get 100 percent of its electricity from climate-friendly energy sources by 2045.

Trump’s Fuel Efficiency Rollback Will Cost America Billions At The Pump

According to a model created by Energy Innovation, a San Francisco research firm, a freeze of fuel efficiency standards at the current mpg level will cost consumers $64 billion through 2030, and $282 billion by 2040. By 2050, all that extra fuel would add $475 billion to household budgets, or about $1,500 for every American, it says.

California Mobilizes for War Against Trump

California, the world’s sixth-largest economy and a bastion of progressivism, is now being hailed as a kind of great blue firewall—Democrats’ most important bulwark against the retrograde policies of Donald Trump. Here’s what the Golden State is already doing to counter the president-elect on a range of major issues and defend its progressive achievements.

Trumping Science: Bay Area Experts on How Trump Will Impact Climate Change Policy & Research

According to reports… Trump is preparing for everything from a witch hunt against our government’s foremost climate scientists to de-funding the Environmental Protection Agency. Do the Bay Area’s most level-headed researchers and earth-science experts respond to Trump’s ascension with similarly grabby quips?

Viewpoint: CCA market set to recover, if it survives

The California carbon market could rebound from a sluggish 2016 — assuming it survives the new year. “Emitters have an incentive to buy early, as long as prices are at the floor. In light of this, I would expect an average of at least 80 percent of offered allowances to be sold and perhaps higher,” Energy Innovation director of research Chris Busch said.

2016 to break heat record, challenging climate change skeptics

Two days before the presidential inauguration, scientists are expected to announce that 2016 was the hottest year on Earth since record-keeping began in 1880 ​— news that will test national, state and economic leadership on climate change.

Trump and the Climate: His Hot Air on Warming Is Far From the Greatest Threat

President-elect Donald J. Trump has long pledged to undertake a profound policy shift on climate change from the low-carbon course President Obama made a cornerstone of his eight years in the White House. But will a President Trump noticeably affect the globe’s climate in ways that, say, a President Hillary Clinton would not have?