Accelerating Electrified Transportation By 2035 Online Data Explorer

New research analyzing the latest electric vehicle battery and infrastructure costs found not only is it technologically feasible to electrify every new car and truck sold in the U.S. by 2035, but it would also save consumers 2.7 trillion dollars. Smart policy recommendations for the federal government, states, local governments, and utilities can overcome the most common barriers to transportation electrification. This study is an important follow-up to the landmark 2035 Report and finds rapid transportation electrification done right can bolster the electricity grid.

Energy Innovation has developed this dynamic online data explorer to allow anyone to explore changes in the total cost of vehicle ownership, vehicle sales, vehicle stock, charging infrastructure, and electricity load under a 100 percent all-electric vehicle sales standard combined with a clean grid, as well as how increasing vehicle electrification reduces carbon emissions and creates jobs. The data visualizations also show how accelerated transportation electrification would impact the power sector, including changes in the generation mix by grid region and in wholesale electricity costs.