Mary Anne Hitt, Rekha Rao Join Energy Innovation’s Climate Imperative Project

Energy Innovation is extremely pleased to announce Mary Anne Hitt and Rekha Rao will join the firm’s Climate Imperative project, which aims to avoid the worst impacts of climate change through focused, effective policy design.

“Mary Anne and Rekha have dedicated their careers to confronting the climate crisis through smart policy implementation that cuts emissions and expands clean energy resources,” said Bruce Nilles, Executive Director of Climate Imperative. “I am excited they will join our efforts to promote cost-effective climate solutions that ensure equitably distributed decarbonization benefits, build new economic opportunities, and work across political lines.”

Mary Anne Hitt will serve as Senior Director, where she will support new policy options and implementation across the world’s largest emitters, and help weave social justice and equity into Climate Imperative’s work. She joins Energy Innovation from Sierra Club where she was the National Director of Campaigns, and where she helped build and lead the Beyond Coal Campaign. Mary Anne previously served with several climate and environmental organizations, is on the board of directors for two Southern environmental and clean energy organizations, was featured in hundreds of media outlets and two COP conferences, contributed to the All We Can Save climate essay anthology, and co-hosts the No Place Like Home podcast.

Rekha Rao will serve as United States Federal Initiative Director, where she will lead efforts with allied organizations supporting federal policymakers to ensure the U.S. plays a leadership role tackling the climate crisis at home. She joins Energy Innovation from Pacific Gas and Electric Company, where she was Senior Manager of Policy Analysis and previously a Principal on Clean Energy and Renewable Policy, helping develop strategy and positions on federal and state legislation. Rekha previously worked at Grid Alternatives, and has a legal background working at firms focused on federal and state energy policy.

“Mary Anne has been a powerful friend and ally on the push to replace coal and gas plants with clean energy, and I am so thrilled she will now turn her skills to cutting global emissions,” continued Bruce Nilles. “Rekha brings deep knowledge of the U.S. power sector, utility approaches to decarbonization, the intricacies of federal and state policy, and will lead our work to drive precise interventions at a critical moment in U.S. climate policy development.”