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Solutions to SF housing, transit problems may be found in Brazil

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2016 Is the Year for Wholesale Power Market Reform

China’s Green & Smart Opportunity

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A Mobility Plan in Los Angeles

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Time for electricity markets to catch up

The Western US Needs Better Regional Planning to Modernize the Grid

A new business model for the electricity sector

Distribution Optimization: Ready for Takeoff (part 2)

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The Good News About Higher California Carbon Prices

Distribution Optimization: Ready for Takeoff (part 1)

Driving Blind: The Worst Examples of Outdated Data Skewing Renewable Energy Projections

Why utilities should push for performance-based regulation

What Does the Data Say About Cities for People? [INFOGRAPHICS]

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Renewables Curtailment: What we can Learn from Grid Operations in California and the Midwest

50% California Renewables Possible by 2030 With Smart Choices

在城市规划中掘金 (The Profit Potential of Getting the Urban Fabric Right)

Estimating Energy Efficiency Under EPA’s Carbon Rule Is Complicated

The Cheapest, Cleanest Way to Meet Electricity Demand

Three of the World's Best 'Cities for People'

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A city of the future in China

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Oil Prices Are Dropping. So What?

How to Fix Beijing's Air

Building Codes and Pollution Control

California Jobs Rise With Green Energy

The Green Energy Race in China

Clean Energy, Batteries Not Included (Op-ed)

Microgrids: A New Power Supply Paradigm

The Three Policies That Can Counter Global Warming

Obama's Clean Air Standards: An Economic Bonus?

Unlikely clean tech heroes: lowly thermostats & water heaters

Climate Extremes Become the Norm

The Mystery of the Missing Methane

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Urbanization Can Actually Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

5 Ways the Fracking Boom Changes Politics

State ‘Green Banks’ Helping Fund Clean-Energy Expansion

To Cut Carbon, A Decade is Too Long to Wait (Op-Ed)

Can Society Win the Race Against Climate Change?

Tomorrow’s breakthrough: A roundtable of experts

HFCs? Curbing Them Is Key to Climate-Change Strategy

China Must Avoid Overreliance on Cars

We Will Not Run Out of Fossil Fuels

How Do You… Predict Future Weather?

Superblocks: Why China Must Embrace Mass Transit

Paying for the great urbanization of China

As Quoted

Governors Push Clean Energy Technology

Offshore Wind Setting Sail In North America

Wholesale Market Crisis

Driving the Future: Electric Vehicles In The U.S.

The Latest In Electric Vehicles

New York State: The New U.S. Climate Leader

Forget What You Know About Energy

Could Success Spoil ISO-NE?

Technical Challenges Of The Eclipse

Trump Launches New Salvo To Speed Project Permitting

The five-step guide to a smarter grid

As Beijing Joins Climate Fight, Chinese Companies Build Coal Plants

In Trump Country, Renewable Energy is Thriving

Roth: Syria, Nicaragua and Trump’s America

Can the world meet Paris goals without the U.S.?

Gov. Jerry Brown, America's unofficial climate change ambassador in the Trump era, heads to China

Demand Rebounds for California Pollution Permits

Brown heading to China to promote climate policies

Trump: Crazy Like a Fox, or Just Crazy?

Power Play: How gaming is changing the energy industry

Court Rules California Climate Payments Aren’t Taxes

How can the Northeast expand capacity with so little land?

Northeast needs more land for wind, solar to flourish - study

Trump Is a Chinese Agent

Donald Trump Signs Order To Undo Obama’s Legacy On Climate Change

Carbon market slump could last for a while — report

California Waiver Trumps EPA Dirty Fuel Rule

How to get the most out of grid modernization, in 5 simple steps

'Anemic' demand for cap-and-trade permits plagues state

California Carbon Market Sees Weak Demand For Permits

Only a few drips of cash expected from cap-and-trade auction

Obstacles and Opportunities for America’s Clean Energy Future

A Step-by-Step Plan for Grid Modernization in a Distributed Energy World

In the Face of a Trump Environmental Rollback, California Stands in Defiance

California Senate leader's new bill: 100% clean energy

California Mobilizes for War Against Trump

2016 to break heat record, challenging climate change skeptics

California, at Forefront of Climate Fight, Won't Back Down to Trump

Gates leads new venture fund amid uncertainty about federal R&D

Three Reasons Trump Doesn't Matter To Energy Policy

Demand for carbon allowances rebounds in latest auction

Donald Trump, Help Heal the Planet's Climate Change Problem

NYS Looks to Change Utilities’ Role in Energy Projects

State mulls carbon tax, other alternatives to cap and trade

Hal Harvey on Why He's a Climate Optimist

Q&A: A slow shift toward rewarding utilities for performance

5 things you need to know about California's new climate change legislation

Gov. Jerry Brown signs sweeping climate laws with big changes for California's future

California’s New Climate Rules, Explained

Key Program in Doubt as California Climate Bill Approved

EPA Strengthens Greenhouse-Gas Efficiency Goals for Big Rigs

Key Chinese researchers say GHGs will peak sooner than promised

How China could peak CO2 emissions by 2022

Optimal Chinese Climate Policy - It's Just Like Ours

The simple reason most power utilities suck

Episode #20 - Grid Evolution

China Rethinks Cities

Q&A on Performance-Based Regulation with Energy Innovation's Sonia Aggarwal

New guidelines could entrench green urbanisation in China

'Green Guidelines' offer roadmap for China's urbanization

New Urbanization Guidelines For China’s Cities

New Urbanization Guidelines Set To Fix China's Cities

Letter from Elon Musk: Volkswagon's Cheating Scandal Punishment...

Paris Climate Accord is a Big, Big Deal

The Top Ten Reasons to be Hopeful on Climate Change

The Cost of Carbon

With Coal Industry Under Pressure, Some See Long-Term Decline

Decarbonizing our energy system

Bill Gates Expected to Create Billion-Dollar Fund for Clean Energy

12 charts that show the state of the US clean energy revolution

Two Laws Set an Aggressive Energy Course for California

Regulated Utilities Are Spending Billions, But Why?

Everything You Need to Know About the Exxon Climate Change Probe

More Oil Companies Could Join Exxon Mobil as Focus of Climate Investigations

Exxon Mobil under fire: Did energy giant withhold climate research?

How to decarbonize the US energy system, in 14 charts

Energy Policy Simulator: A Game You Can Play at Work

7 climate change data tools and what they tell you

Shall we play a game? How about a nice game of climate change policy?

Special Report: The truth about energy storage

Energy Efficiency Key to Helping States Address EPA’s New Clean Power Plan

Obama’s Energy Policy Frustrates All Sides

Imagining a Fresh Start for the Power Grid

Transportation, Buildings Hold Key to Calif. Climate Goals

BREAKING: California Issues Unprecedented North American Climate Goal

New Balance of Power

WaterSmart Software Raises $7M to Help Utilities Save Water, Predict Demand

Swap trades fuel California carbon market activity

U.S. and China Experience Different Sources of Air Pollution

Emissions by Makers of Energy Level Off

Eye on China: walkable cities (interview; pt 2)

Eye on China: creative sustainable cities (interview; pt 1)

Climate Change's Bottom Line

Natural Gas: Abundance in Supply and Debate

Climate Accord Relies on Environmental Policies Now in Place

Study Backs Environmentalist Worries About Natural Gas

Learning from the West's Mistakes: China can Fight Pollution and Climate Change

Sun and Wind Alter Global Landscape, Leaving Utilities Behind

Brown Hopes to Sell Mexico on Following California's Green Path Forward

Emerging Technologies Could Upend the Way Electric Companies Operate

In Some States, Emissions Cuts Defy Skeptics

The Fracking Fight’s New Front Line

Biggest Risk to Utility Stocks: You Going Solar

Fracking Sucks Money From Wind While China Eclipses US

Hal Harvey from Energy Innovation: Current Prospects for a Clean Energy Future

Can Performance-based Ratemaking Save Utilities?

Go Ahead, Vladimir, Make My Day

How to Make Fracking Safer

From Putin, a Blessing in Disguise

"Planning Cities for People" in China

Too Big to Breathe?

The Amazing Energy Race

Second Wind: Renewable Energy Down but Not Out

Tom Steyer and Hal Harvey on the Future of Clean Energy

Tesla Motors: Lots of buzz. Is it warranted?

By 2023, a Changed World in Energy

5 Things U.S. Must Do To Win At Fracking

The Market and Mother Nature

Obama’s Best Kept Secrets

Get it Right on Gas

Paradigm Lost

The Curiosity Project

Take the Subway

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