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The Natural Gas Revolution: Critical Questions for a Sustainable Energy Future

Over the past year, Resources for the Future (RFF) has held discussions with energy experts and conducted a literature review to determine what is known, uncertain, and unknown about the future development of natural gas. This report captures RFF’s results from these activities to offer insight on how natural gas development can be sustained in the long-term, taking into account economic, environmental, and social considerations. The report is organized into seven sections on natural gas topics; supply, demand, economic impact, environmental (and public health) impacts, climate interactions and impacts, regulation and other approaches to reduce risks, and international implications. Each section includes critical questions regarding the sustainable development of natural gas. Answering these questions will greatly expand the pool of knowledge surrounding natural gas opportunities as well as help inform the public policies that determine whether these opportunities are realized.

Energy Policy Opportunities and Continuing Challenges in the Presence of Increased Supplies of Natural Gas and Petroleum

This report provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges associated with increased natural gas production, and provides several policy guidelines for natural gas development that will generate economic and other benefits for the U.S. while mitigating environmental risks. The recommendations include (1) appropriately pricing the social cost of energy production and use, (2) funding basic research, development, and demonstration of new energy technologies, (3) making regulations more efficient by using cost-benefit analysis of regulatory rules, (4) addressing climate change on a global scale, and (5) capitalizing on the economic opportunities arising from new domestic natural gas discoveries, while protecting the environment.

Fast cycling and rapid start-up: new generation of plants achieves impressive results

This article from Modern Power Systems discusses combined-cycle gas power plants with rapid start capabilities. It points out that gas plants which can be started rapidly and frequently are important for reliable power delivery in situations where the grid is supplied by a high percentage of intermittent renewables. Describes many components and technologies which enable rapid starts and discusses some experiences and tests of these plants in Europe. Considerable technical language is used and some knowledge of gas power plant and electrical grid technology is assumed.

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