Trump Coal Backer Wins Big Under Perry’s Power Plan

EI’s NOPR analysis is cited in an article exploring how Trump backer Bob Murray would benefit from DOE’s NOPR coal subsidy proposal.

Coal, Nuclear Subsidies Could Cost Billions; Utilities Say Midwest Customers Could Pay Twice

EI’s NOPR subsidy cost analysis is cited in an article exploring the proposal’s potential economic impacts upon Midwest consumers and utilities.

Coal Rule Might Help Client Of Ex‑Lobbyist Who Crafted It

EI’s NOPR cost analysis is cited in a story about a DOE official’s potential conflict of interest between his work on the rule and former lobbying ties.

Rick Perry: DOE’s Coal, Nuclear Proposal Is ‘Rebalancing The Market’

EI research is cited in an article to rebut DOE Secretary Rick Perry’s claim the NOPR is “rebalancing the market” to correct for previous unfair federal renewable energy support.

Trump Administration Uses National Security As Excuse For Handout To Coal Industry

EI’s analysis of the NOPR cost-recovery rule’s financial impact is cited in an article discussing Trump Administration efforts to boost the coal industry.

Experts Debate The Energy Department’s Coal And Nuclear Market Intervention

EI’s NOPR $10 billion cost analysis is cited in an article discussing opposition to DOE’s proposal from former FERC commissioners.

DOE’s NOPR Subsidies Would Cost Up to $10.6B/Year, Study Finds

EI’s cost-recovery consumer impacts research is featured in an article analyzing DOE’s NOPR coal and nuclear subsidy proposal.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry Proposes New Regulation to Prop Up Coal, Nuclear Plants

EI’s NOPR research is featured in an article discussing proposals from DOE intended to prop up uneconomic coal and nuclear plants.

Cost Estimates On DOE NOPR: $300 Million To $32 Billion

EI NOPR research is included in an RTO Insider article summarizing potential consumer cost impacts from DOE’s cost recovery proposal.

National Clean Energy Summit Sets The Stage For The Future Of Sustainability

EI CEO Hal Harvey’s presentation is quoted in an article discussing the National Clean Energy Summit’s outlook for clean energy policy and trends.