New Projections Play Up Coal While Downplaying Renewables — That’s Not Reality

EI’s renewable energy capacity addition forecasts are cited in an article discussing why the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s latest forecasts are incorrect.

How Leading Utilities Are Planning For Distributed Energy Resources

EI’s 2035 electric vehicle sales forecast is cited in an article examining how leading utilities are planning for distributed energy resources across their service territories.

As World Rejects Coal, Trump Administration Continues To Back Dying Industry

EI analysis of the economics between wind energy and coal-fired generation is cited in an Environmental Working Group analysis of Trump Administration action compared to global trends.

U.S. Funders Launch $52M Initiative To Cut Chinese HFCs

EI CEO Hal Harvey is quoted in an article discussing the launch of K-CEP, an initiative to reduce Chinese hydrofluorocarbon emissions by 2022 to meet its Paris Agreement and Kigali Amendment targets.

Is Cap And Trade The Climate Solution? The Jury’s Still Out

Research from EI’s Chris Busch is featured in an article discussing how the California and Northeast U.S. cap-and-trade markets can help counter climate change.

New Year, New Energy

A 2018 energy outlook from EI’s Sonia Aggarwal is featured in a year-ahead preview from the Alliance for Clean Energy-New York

Bomb Cyclone And NOPR Redux: What The Grid Really Needs

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal and Robbie Orvis discuss what the Bomb Cyclone and FERC’s rejection of DOE’s NOPR coal and nuclear subsidy proposal mean for the future of America’s grid on Greentech Media’s The Interchange podcast.

Regulatory Ruling Leaves Energy Companies Wondering What Future Holds

EI’s analysis of the consumer cost impacts from DOE’s coal and nuclear subsidy proposal is cited in an article exploring the financial future of utility FirstEnergy.

No Longer Termed A ‘Failure,’ California’s Cap-And-Trade Program Faces A New Critique: Is It Too Successful?

EI’s research into carbon allowance oversupply in California’s cap-and-trade market is featured in a column discussing the market’s future outlook.

Predictions 2018: Looming Trade Case Clouds Solar’s Future

EI’s Sonia Aggarwal is quoted discussing how U.S. market forces favor renewable energy, as part of a story exploring potential headwinds for the solar industry in 2018.